Are you a man-hater? Take this quiz


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Jul 5, 2011
Are you a man-hater? Take this quiz

Take this quiz to know if hating men is what you know best and men, according to you, are objects to look down upon with disdain...

The man-woman fight is eternal. And no matter how hard one tries to resolve, it seems inevitable. While there is a thin line between being a feminist and a man-hater, the disparity though makes a great difference.

Some women seem to dislike men because of past experiences and the kind of men they have had encounters with.

Get to know if you lead this bandwagon by answering the following questions.

1. Are there men in your circle of friends?
A. A man and my friend, no ways! I can't be friends with those creatures.
B. Of course, I do! In fact, really close pals.

2. At a party, a man comes to you and offers a drink:
A. You tell him to mind his own business and stay away, and before he knows it you make a scene and get him thrown out of the place.
B. Tell him that you're fine and walk away from there.

3. You and your friends spot a very attractive man. You:
A. Think, 'Err! Attractive or not, he's a man! And that's not attractive,' and scorn at him.
B. Look at him and say, 'Wow,' but don't bother walking up to him to flirt.

4. You're at the departmental store, a man sees you holding more goods than you can, and offers help. You:
A. Stare at him rudely and say, "I can take care of myself."
B. Thank him and don't mind taking help.

5. A male colleague asks you out on a date. You:
A. Not only do you say no to him, but he also becomes the topic of contempt among your colleagues during lunch time.
B. Feel happy that someone has asked you out, though your answer is no.

6. When one asks you about love and marriage, what's on your mind?
A. I better stay alone and happy than spend the rest of my life with a man.
B. I don't mind settling down, but currently I have no time to think about it.

If most of your answer is:
A's: Well! You are a hard-core man-hater. Quite bitter at heart, you probably are this way because of a string of bad experiences with the opposite gender. We are not judging you, but it would be right if you tone down the abhorrence a notch or two.

B's: Feminism is what you believe in, but we still won't call you feminist. You are just too full of the fact that you are a woman, and that's the image you maintain. When you want to take help from a man, in times of trouble, you really wouldn't mind.


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Jul 26, 2012
Thank you Vijigermany for providing us the quiz to find out whether we are really hating men or liking them internally and showing in the outside that we are hating them. most effective questions you have framed.

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