Are You A Valuable Woman In The Relationship?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Are You A Valuable Woman In The Relationship?

Experts accept that the biggest asset of a woman is “VALUE”. For her, it’s as equally important as love in the relationship. If a woman doesn’t have the ability to prove herself valuable, she will never have good impact on her married life.

If you read the interviews of eminent women (athletes, artists, and politicians), you will realize the significance of value in their lives. Their value positively impacts their lives and significantly make them engagingly attractive.

Eminent women know that men have a mind like a blank slate. They act as they see it. When men see their wives’ highest values, they treat them like the most valuable women on the planet. However, when men don’t find their wives valuable, they always feel bored with them. In fact, they become more inclined to fight them. So, because of these reasons, it’s also very important for you to be a valuable woman in the relationship.

Have a Nice Accent
If your accent is not good, you cannot get any attention. You have no idea how much your accent can increase your value. Your accent not only increase your value but also define your character. That’s why, it is important for you to make your accent attractive. Speak slowly and give due respect to the front person. Your slow speaking – and way of giving respect through words – explains your inner power and make the front person believe that you are in control.

Do you know why some female detectives are sexually attractive and valuable for men? That’s because their accent is very dim/slow, and they look straight in the eyes while speaking. The aggressive wildness of their eyes and the slow accent makes a man a slave to them.

It’s All About Attitude
Your value is based on your attitude. If you can attract a man through your attitude, you will become the most valuable woman for him. An interesting example can be found within the movies, especially in action movies, where a leading woman captures the mind of a man through her authoritative attitude and make him invest in her.
There are some great tricks that can magnify your positive and mysterious attitude. For example: Read books, invest in your body & mind, learn boxing/martial-arts, push yourself to try new things, become an expert in your work, win through your actions, and play to people’s fantasies. These tricks not only turn you into an extraordinary woman but also boost your attitude.

Make the Ordinary Extraordinary
The art of turning ordinary things into extraordinary is very rare among people. It is an art which can put you on the quality of life, bring you on the front row, and award you the best of things.

If you know how to make the ordinary extraordinary, it would be easier for you to become the valuable woman in your relationship. If you love photography, do the extraordinary photography and make people follow you. If you love to cook, cook the extraordinary dishes for your man and make him lick his fingers. Your extraordinary work, life, and personality will make your man proud of you, and you will become an elite and valuable woman for him in the relationship.
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