Are you expressive enough? Take the quiz


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Jul 5, 2011
Are you expressive enough? Take the quiz

Take this quiz to find out how comfortable you are in expressing your thoughts to your partner

The key to a healthy relationship is communicating thoughts easily to your partner, without having to think twice about how he/she will react to you being straightforward. Here's a quiz you can try, to get to know if you are open about your thoughts to your partner.

1. You hate a certain habit of your partner. You:
a. ignore it, even though you are really annoyed by it.
b. tell your partner that you find the habit unacceptable, and help him/her change it.

2. Your partner and you are out with common friends, when he/she says something very personal about the two of you as a joke. You:
a. get extremely angry but don't really say anything because you think he/she won't understand anyway.
b. don't create a scene in public, but later tell him/her that you were offended by the comment and wouldn't like a similar situation again.

3. You and your partner have been planning a vacation for the longest time. Suddenly he/she gets you surprise tickets to a place they've never been to but you already have. Now you are unhappy. You:
a. decide to shut your mouth and not tell your partner about the same.
b. tell your partner that you'd be happier if he/she got tickets for a place both of you haven't visited ever.

4. Do you lie to your partner?
a. I do, often. It's simply difficult to give away all the details.
b. Never. I've been pretty genuine with him/her. Even if I lie, I do confess it to him/her later.

5. Sometimes, your partner/you understand each other without having to say a word:
a. This has never happened with you.
b. There've been so many times you've understood what they think.

When most of your answers are:
a.You and your partner do not communicate enough with each other. Either the love between the two of you isn't all that strong, or you are extremely afraid of him/her because of which, you hide your feelings from them. Start speaking out and tell him/her what's on your mind.

b. You are very expressive. You don't mind calling a spade a spade in front of your partner. The relationship between you partner and you is honest. But, we suggest you be subtle while communicating anything to him/her. Just pay heed to his/her feelings too.


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Jul 26, 2012
Thank you Vijigermany for giving a nice quiz to find out whether we are expressive enough.

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