Are you feeling fat?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Are you feeling fat

There are days when you have that on-top-of-the world feeling and then there are days when you wish the world to leave you alone.

There are days when you feel simply fabulous, and then there are days when you feel fat despite not having an extra pound on your body. For women, fat is not just a word denoting the fat deposits in the body. It is a feeling. It is a state of mind, which is why a whole lot of studies have proved that 70% women are never completely happy about their bodies.

So how are you supposed to battle or handle those 'fat' days?

1. Look back in contemplation :
Think what you did last night that is promoting this feeling. Did you eat something that has left you feeling too full for comfort? Did you give your workout a miss? Did some incident take place that made you upset? Or are you PMS-ing? Look for the cause. What is making you feel the way you do?

2. Divert your attention :
Try to divert your mind from the 'fat' feeling. Focus on your virtues. The things that make you 'you'. Feel good about yourself by focusing on the positive aspects of your life. Remind yourself what a great person you are. Remember and recollect all the flattering compliments people have showered on you.

3. Run, Run, Run :
Work up a sweat. Go for a long walk or a jog. Exercising makes you feel good. Now how is that, you may ask? Because hormones called endorphines are released after an exercise session. Basically, endorphines are your body's feel-good hormones since they promote feelings of well-being.

4. Eat :
Don't indulge in emotional eating. Staying hungry will only help in cranking you up more than ever. So have fruits, or a toast.

5. Sexy Girl :
Although you may sub-consciously steer towards frumpy, shapeless looking clothes, avoid doing so. Instead, wear fitting clothes that flatter your body and figure. However, give those figure-hugging dresses a miss. You can totally do without those on a fat day. Even though you may be feeling down in the dumps, dress up. You never know, people might actually be appreciating your look. And compliments always help on a day like this.

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