Are you jumping into a relationship?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Are you jumping into a relationship?

4 ways to tell whether you are jumping into a relationship

Constantly comparing your relationship

When you begin to compare your previous relationship with the current one; analysing how good or bad it was, how your ex and your present boyfriend is — you are bound to be jumping into a relationship.

Not over your ex yet

Even though you might not be over your ex completely, but you find solace and happiness in your present boyfriend, you are surely looking at something with him. This is another sign that you might end up being in a relationship because you are not over your ex yet.

Your old relationship still hurts

Do you find yourself mourning over your past relation? If you are constantly worrying about your past relationship and your ex — you are surely in for a rebound. Drawing back old memories from your past is a common phenomenon, but if it is bothering you — you might be thinking of jumping into a relationship again.

You get distracted often

If your mind is always wandering here and there — you must be thinking about ways how you can get into a relationship soon. Thus you need to deviate your mind every time you are taken back to the thought of getting into a relationship.

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