Are you suffering from sexsomnia?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Are you suffering from sexsomnia?

We've heard of insomnia and sleepwalking, but this is a disorder where a person engages in sexual acts while still asleep.

Called sexsomnia, it is considered destructive to a relationship., "This is a largely unknown sleep disorder and earlier, cases were not seen nor reported, but now, Mumbaikars are coming up with the symptoms of sexsomnia."

Why it happens
Predisposing factors of sexsomnia include a prior history of a sleep disorder and a family history of sleepwalking.

"Thus, there appears to be a genetic component to this disorder. Also, one of the couples might try to engage in physical intimacy in sleep due to a high probability of missing out on sex in their marriage. Partners neglecting each other for physical intimacy is also a reason why this 'sex sleep' might take place. Sexsomnia can make a person uncomfortable and frighten a partner. It must be dealt with,"

If you have ever acted out sexually while sleeping, help is at hand. tips to combat it:

- If you suffer from depression, find a way out of it.
- Get enough relaxation time.
- Have a healthy sex life.
- Never neglect your partner. This can lead to low self-esteem related to active sexual behaviour.
- Check if the medications you are taking is causing this.
- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Resource Development conducted by a psychologist can help immensely, too.
Apr 6, 2013
very informative post.....but it can be apply on woman also because..might be possible that she got suffered from this?

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