Are you wardrobe-ready for college?


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Jul 5, 2011
Are you wardrobe-ready for college?

For first-time collegians, it's time to start afresh not just academically, but also in terms of fashion. TOI offers some tips.

Are you one of those who have hated those pleated skirts and pinafore dresses at school over the years? Or, resented the fact that uniforms never allowed you to look different from the rest? Well, for first time collegians, here's your chance to make amends and dress at your best in college! It's time to make others go gaga over your trendy, colorful outfits and become the envy of the campus by dressing smart. Surely, for boys, that will help in winning over a few female fans, eh? As for girls, dressing nicely has never harmed anyone, right?

And if you are confused about how to make heads turn, our fashionistas are here to help you out! Fashion designer Digvijay Singh says, "After all the strict rules in school regarding uniform length for 12 long years, girls want to explore short lengths. We learn from our surroundings, and Bollywood is the biggest inspiration for all youngsters. It's important to get rid of the fear of people's reaction about our clothes and youngsters must experiment and try something new. The concept of wrong fashion is very subjective and so, they should go ahead and make statements. Just wear what's most comfortable and suits you the best."

While trying to look fashionable, it is important to look decent and acceptable in college. "Shorts/skirts are the best outfits, but it depends on what the college permits. Knee length is the most suitable length for collegians. Cotton pants, short dresses, jump suits can be picked up to look different. Dhoti pants that are available in different cuts can be teamed up with plain tees, cotton tops or tang tops. Dhoti pants are brilliant options for denims and capris," says fashion designer Falguni Patel.

However, there are certain factors that youngsters should keep in mind before stepping out of their homes. "Recently, a local college had a fashion workshop for the students and I am glad it happened! As far as fashion is concerned, we are in transition mode and girls exposing is no more considered taboo. But girls should be careful while coordinating their outfits, as it needs to complete a fashionable look.

Accessories should be worn to enhance the look and not just for utility," says fashion designer Bhavin Trivedi and adds, "Today, all students are being typecast and while making a fashion statement, they all end up having an arty look. In trying to have individual styles, they are losing their individuality."

With monsoons all set to arrive in full swing, color-coordination also becomes important. "Olive green, indigo blue, yellow and pink are the best pick. Bright colours should be flaunted in this gloomy weather. Whites and pastels are a big no-no. Lot of tangerine orange will be seen, as it is also the color of the year," says Falguni.

Fabrics also need to be chosen carefully, as there are chances that your fabrics might be transparent or will take time to dry. "Jeans and linen should be avoided as the water retention is high. Cotton is the best pick as it dries soon and is also skin friendly," says Bhavin.

Well, are you 'wardrobe ready' for your college life?
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