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Ask Dr Shahida Parveen A - Our Infertility Specialist for Questions & Treatments related to Infertility & Gynecology!

Dear Friends,

It is our Immense pleasure to announce that @drshahidauk Dr Shahida Parveen A - Obstetrician & Gynecologist at Madurai, Who is coming forward to help our members and users by answering & clarifying their queries and doubts on Pregnancy and Gynecological problems.

Get Opinion about your Doubts & Problems from Dr. Shahida Relating to Pregnancy, Gynecological problems and Guidance. Feel free to ask your question right away over here. Dr.Shahida is happy to help you Out!

Our sincere and heartiest thanks to her for the support and kindness to our Penmai Members.

Know about Dr Shahida Parveen A :

She is Dr. Shahida MBBS, MRCOG UK, DFSRSH, CCT UK, practicing Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Madurai, Tamilnadu. She was previously a Consultant O&G with NHS hospitals in the UK and achieved her consultant status in the UK. She is Fluent in Tamil, English & Hindi and having More than 12 years Work experience in managing high risk pregnant women and laparoscopic surgery.

Her scope of expertise:

  • Pregnancy and Normal delivery
  • Maternal Medicine
  • Laparascopy for gynaecological problems
  • Hysteroscopy

Once Again, Our sincere thanks to You Doctor for coming forward to answer our member's queries.

For Pregnancy & Labor Questions and Answers, Pls refer the link below...

Ask Dr Shahida Parveen A for Pregnancy & Labor Questions & Treatments
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Dear Members,
I am happy to answer your queries related to Infertility.

Kindly frame your queries in this format.

Current Concern:
Relevant Medical history/treatment:

Dr. Shahida Parveen
(Please note: Any expert advice given here is not a substitute to your direct doctor consultation)
Hi mam,

Just want to know if ovarian cyst is dangerous?
I am having. In singapore, they told shld do emergency op to remove it.
Otherwise twist can occur.I was scared and cme to india.
Here doc told shld do scopy. Then they will do on the spot.
But before infection shld be cleared. So gave me tablets.
And it seems it should be done after periods.
I am a bit scared about laproscopy.
hiii doctor.. i'm having PCOS... have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years...Am in USA... i had IUI also... other than ivf if anything i can try..?
i dont wanna jump to IVF without knowing other options..

thank you doctor..

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