Ask your phone for some beauty tips


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Ask your phone for some beauty tips

Can an iPhone make you more beautiful? Many people with the device are accustomed to using the camera's "narcissism" setting to apply makeup or freshen up their looks while on the go — to apply glitter shadow to a neutral lid before a holiday party, for example. Thanks to apps, phones and tablets now also function as colour and hairstyle consultants, spa finders and skin-care specialists.

From Aveda to Yves Saint Laurent, almost every cosmetics company offers a free app. Some advise or let you chat with experts. Others make product recommendations or show how you will look after applying the items you're thinking of buying.

"Apps in the skin-care category are just scratching the surface of what's possible," said Daniel Joseph, a founder of the App Business, a Londonbased software company. "It's not surprising the majority of apps are still gimmicks shooting for short-term attention."

MyChelle Dermaceuticals, a skin-care company in Louisville , Colo., provides app users with a free 30-minute consultation with a licensed aesthetician via Skype, iChat or FaceTime.

Have a mole you're concerned about? SpotCheck, developed last year by Dr Bobby Buka, one of several boardcertified dermatologists available to review your photo submission , responds within 24 hours to tell you if your mole looks atypical. (The app is free to download. Submitting a photo for review costs $4.99.) Of the 6,000 downloads, 4,000 photos were submitted. Seventy percent were atypical, or precancerous, and needed a second look, according to the company.

Own, a three-year-old skincare company based in San Francisco, took a more playful approach when introducing its free app, My Own App. Using facialrecognition technology to track 50 points on your face, the app assesses signs of aging by the number of fine lines, deep-set wrinkles, percentage of pigment and number of age spots. Those numbers are then compared to others in your age group.

You can also have fun with your face thanks to apps like Beauty Booth, which erases acne, scars and dark circles and enlarges your eyes on a photo you submit; and Makeup Touch, which lets you "paint" your face or add silly accessories like gemstones,sunglasses, bunny ears or a Santa hat. And for those who believe beauty comes from within? Try Beauty Quotes from sages like Coco Chanel, Sharon Stone and Tyra Banks.

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