Autism Symptoms and Tips For Parents of an Autistic Child


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Jul 5, 2011
  • Onset before the age of three.
  • Lack of eye contact or facial expression.
  • Absence or delay of language.
  • Difficulty in expressing needs, uses gestures.
  • Inability to initiate and sustain conversation.
  • Repetition of acts, words or phrases.
  • Excessive possessiveness to objects like toys.
  • Intellectual impairment.
  • Laughing, crying without apparent cause and unnecessary tantrums.
  • No fear of dangers.
  • Physical hyper-activity or under-activity.
  • Underdeveloped fine motor skills.
  • Not responsive to verbal instructions or teaching methods with normal hearing.
  • Failure to develop peer relationships or social interaction.
  • Lack of emotional or social reciprocity.
  • Over-sensitivity or under-sensitivity to pain.
  • Lack of interest in the surrounding.
  • Resistant to any change.
  • Restlessness with constant fidgeting, spinning and swinging.
  • Prefers being alone.
  • Does not like to be cuddled.

For the parents of an Autistic child:

  1. Don’t judge the misbehavior of your Autistic child.
  2. Don’t compare the Autistic child to other siblings or other kids.
  3. Teach your other children and friends to appreciate the diversity and specialness of your child.
  4. Include the Autistic child in your life.
  5. Don’t give up. Have patience to re-teach anything and every thing.
  6. Always remember that reinforcement, stimulus and task variation will help motivate Autistic children.
  7. To neutralize the effects of mercury from your child’s body and to strengthen your child’s immune system, feed them Vitamin E,
  8. Vitamin C & Selenium rich foods like broccoli, brown rice, garlic, green leafy vegetables, whole grain foods, berries, citrus fruits, soybeans, etc.

Hence, consider Homeopathy as an excellent choice for the treatment of Autism as it will enhance your child’s ability to conquer Autism and improve his/her quality of life.
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Jul 26, 2012
You have open our eyes regarding autism symptoms and also you have given the best tips for tackling this. thanks Nisha Hameetha

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