Avaraikai health benefits


Commander's of Penmai
Apr 4, 2011
It is rich in potassium and thus regulates good heart function, relieves stress and irritability.

Its rich in fibre thus aids good digestion and overcomes constipation

Also lowers cancer risk preventing buildup of carcinogenic substances.

It is also rich in amino acid that is good for pituitary gland which regulates human growth.

Avarai kai is rich in iron, calcium, protein and vitamins. Avarai kai is easily digestible and so can be taken by all kinds of people and also can be eaten at night.

Avaraikai is also referred as Indian broad beans
Pale broad beans are good for internal organs.

Broad beans should be taken more in our diet in case of diabetic, dysentry , frequent head aches.

In Assam, people use the juice of avarai kai for throat pain and ear pain.

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