Ayurvedic Diet To Live Healthy


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Ayurvedic Diet To Live Healthy

An Ayurvedic diet brings the wisdom of the ancient sages recorded in the Vedas. Ayurveda is actually the Veda that deals with all the medicinal sciences that the ancient people practised. This diet is designed according to the principles of Ayurveda. There are several aspects to an Ayurvedic diet. Some of the simple ones are the inclusion of seasonal foods in your diet.

To plan a perfect diet based of Ayurvedic principles, you can check out the following points. These tenets tell you how 'food' is supposed to be eaten.

Principles Of An Ayurvedic Diet:

Taste As A Base: According to Ayurvedic principles, food has 6 different of tastes. They are; sweet, sour, spicy (chilli), astringent, bitter and salty. Every meal must have components from all these tastes. Keeping in mind our modern lifestyles, it is very difficult have all the 6 tastes in one meal. So if you are following the Ayurvedic diet, you must have 6 six tastes within a day.

Seasonal Food: Every seasonal fruit or vegetable has its own unique nutritional benefits. Ayurveda takes this scientific fact into account. A different kind of ayurvedic diet is prescribed for every season so that all the different seasonal foods are included in it.

Pitta: Summer requires the 'pitta' (related to stomach) diet because in the heat of the summer, you generally face stomach problems. So, all the foods eaten during summer must cool the stomach. For example, curd fights body heat and cools down the stomach.

Vata: The winter requires you to have a 'vata' diet to combat the dryness in the weather. You must have highly hydrating foods. Oily and warm foods are ideal for this season so that you beat the chilly weather.

Kapha: Spring brings with it allergies and respiratory diseases. During this time, the 'kapha' (cough) diet should include honey, ginger etc.

Eating By Body Type: Ayurvedic principles divide food according to 'dosha' or weaknesses too. Your body type is determined by what type of 'dosha' you have. If you have pitta dosha (chronic stomach problems), then you would have to be on the pitta diet all year round. Similarly the other two seasonal diet can be practised all year round depending on your body type.

Freshness Of Food: In the science of Ayurveda, food is rated on the basis of its freshness. So a fruit just plucked from the tree would score a 10 and frozen meat would score 0. Food that is stale is not infused with the positive energies of nature. Thus, you must try to minimise refrigeration and have fresh foods.

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