Baby Bottle Hygiene Tips


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Jul 5, 2011
Baby Bottle Hygiene Tips

Your baby is too young and sensitive. So, you have to maintain proper hygiene in every way to ensure good health of the baby. For example, clean and tidy room, floor, bed, clothes and utensils especially baby bottles. When you plan to start feeding through bottle, consult your doctor beforehand. As you feed through a bottle, make sure you follow the hygiene tips.

Baby bottle hygiene tips:

Sterilise bottle:
It is very important to sterilise your baby's bottle. You can either buy from the market or sterilise the baby bottle at home. Just wash the feeding bottle in hot water. Another way is to keep the bottle in running hot water for few minutes. Also wash the bottle's nipple to keep germs at bay.

Do not store milk: When you feed milk to your baby in a bottle, he/she will not finish the bottle. The size of the stomach grows slowly. In breastfeeding, the quantity of milk sucked is not too much when compared to a bottle. If your baby has left milk, do not force him/her to drink. Throw the milk. Storing it will grow bacteria and foul smell.

Keep it dry: A wet bottle is home to bacteria and germs. Firstly, wash the baby's bottle with hot water and then cold water. Rub immediately with a clean cloth piece and let it dry. Leaving the bottle wet and closing its lid can also form a foul smell of water or milk.

Scrub bottle nipples: It is not necessary to scrub the baby's bottle everyday. Just washing with hot water sterilises and cleans the bottle. However, you should scrub the bottle nipple every alternate day. Use a soft scrub to avoid tearing it. Wash properly especially on the corners of the bottle, lid and nipple.

Baby bottles should always be cleaned and stored in right place. If the baby throws the bottle on the floor while drinking, do not be lazy to change the
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