baby food- fish


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Hi Dvppsab,
simply steam a boneless , skinless fillet of fish ...
Or you can bake by adding some herbs and lemon juice....

Start with it a small amount and try only one variety few times before trying another type of fish.

Just ensure there are no bones... Better to use fish varieties with just the centre bone....

You can even cook the fish with some milk ...
I.e take milk just enough to cover the fish... Add a bouquet garni of herbs and some chopped leeks, carrots to the milk ... Boil until the carrots are soft ... Now add the fish and cook until fish is done... This way you can use the flavoured milk as sauce, the boiled carrot as the veg to feed with the fish...

From my experience I am telling you this... We normally wait until they are one to start fish.... Pls chk with elders in family...


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Hi Friend,

You can give fish fry also.
  • Mix salt and turmeric and then apply it on the boneless fish pieces. Allow it to dry for 15 mins.
  • Now fry the fish pieces in oil and let it cook well in both the sides.
  • Use tissue papers to dry the oil which are absorbed by the fish pieces.
  • Now take a very small piece of fried fish and mash it and feed it your child.


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hi can anyone suggest how to start giving fish for 10 month old baby.
Hi dvppsab, Always consider consulting your child specialist before giving fish food for your baby. However in the event of your doctor suggesting to give fish food for your baby, you can cook the fish in the following way:
First the water is to be boiled (one cup of water or slightly level the water above the fish) and add garlic, onion etc if desired. Bring water to simmer (with spices added) in a small frying pan or pot round enough to lay the fish piece flat. Pat fish piece with a paper towel. Add the fish piece to the water in the pan cook the fish until it turns totally white. Remove from heat and keep it for 5 more minutes to complete the cooking. Chop or crumble or even mash or puree the fish and feed your baby. Always follow your doctor's instruction in all the stages of feeding solid food to your baby.