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Jun 27, 2011
[h=3]Baby food from 0-6 Months[/h] Hi New moms
Food for your new born baby is your Milk.Breast Milk is the best food for our little babies.Breast milk contains all the vital nutrients neccessary for our little one.Feeding helps to improve our little ones immune system.
So feed your baby that they will be healthy kids.

[h=3]Baby Food From 6 months[/h]
We can start semi solids for our little ones at six months or even earlier ,if your doctor advice you to do so.

1.Start with one food at a time .Give enough gap between introducing different food.Some food may cause allergy. so if your kid develop allergy ,consult with your Pediatrician and stop the food which cause allergy.

2.Ensure your baby is sitting upright position while eating.

3.Introduce new foods during the morning or early afternoon. .

4.Don't force your baby to have food.

5.When your baby is hungry offer her breast milk for few minutes and then give her solids.

6.Don't get upset if your baby is not ready to finish her meal. In the first day, baby will eat only 1/2 a table spoon.then gradually you can increase quantity.

Give your babies home made foods,which are healthy and nutritious.
First we will start with Rice kanji which I gave for my daughter as first food.

Rice kanji-1

Grind Rice and pottukadalai (ratio 4:1) into fine powder.
Take 2 TSP of powder and pour 1/2 tumbler water.
Mix Well and make it to boil.
The Kanjis Consistency should be semisolid.
Now add sugar or jagrgery .
Add a little bit of salt.
Feed u r little one this sweet kanji.
She will get a healthy food.

Ragi kanji
This is a best home made baby food.Nutritive value of Ragi is so good.100 gm of ragi's nutritive value is as follows
Source:Ragi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Take 1 tumbler of water in a pan.
Boil it slightly.
Now add 2 TSP ragi powder.
Mix it well.
Boil the mixture till ragi is cooked.
Now add sugar or jaggery.
Cool the mixture and feed this healthy food for your kid.
[h=3]Baby Food from 8 Months[/h] Ask doctor before you start any new food.
Rice Kanji-2
Rice -1 cup
Urad dhal - 1/4 cup
methi seeds - 1/2 teaspoon.

Rinse rice ,urad dhal and methi seeds in water and keep in sunlight for drying .Those who dont get enough sunlight u can fry it in pan for 2 minutes.Put in mixee an make powder and store .
1. Boil one and half cup water in a sauce pan .
2.Add 1 table spoon powder and add sugar or salt which your baby likes.
3.Boil for 15 minutes keep stirring.Bring it to room temperature before feeding.
This food is good for Summer.Ask your doctor when to introduce dhals and give this nutritious food for your kuttis.

[h=3]Mixed veg Rice for one year Baby[/h] Take 1/4 cup of rice and One hand full of toor dhall or moong dhal soak for 5 min after rinsing.Now chop veggies which ur kids will like carrot(2 inch),beans(3),potato (half).Pressure cook rice,Dhal,And veggies with salt pinch of turmeric powder,few cumin seeds and 2 pepper,tomato one small peice,small onion and garlic one pod.Cook for 3 whistles .Mash It with spoon itself
Add ghee when serving.

Note:If your kid like spicy food you can add one inch of red chilli while .You can mix and match veggies

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