Baby having disturbed night sleep!

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Aug 7, 2011
Newborn babies have erratic sleeping patterns. No two babies have similar sleeping patterns. Initially newborns sleep most of the time. Read here to understand the sleeping patterns of babies.

Am I the only mother going crazy about putting my baby to sleep

Have you ever wondered why new mothers often go about looking harassed and resembling raccoons because of the dark shadows under their eyes? The cause of this situation is probably their baby's sleep patterns. Your baby's sleeping patterns have a direct bearing on your life. A wakeful baby demands a lot of time and attention. The time when your baby slumbers is probably the only time you have to catch up with your own sleep, life and other activities. Some babies sleep a great deal, while others never seem to sleep. Trying to put your baby to sleep and regulate her sleep patterns becomes the focus of your life.

Why is my baby not sleeping at night

Some babies do not get enough food in the day so they wake up when they are really hungry at night. If your baby was premature, she may need to be fed at night longer than other babies are. Sometimes, waking at night may be because your baby is ill or has an allergy. Another possible explanation is that your baby may be hypersensitive, responding to the slightest change in the environment. Some babies may just need less sleep and the middle of the night may be a time when they feel most wakeful. Parents of such babies can only hope that such babies will learn to entertain themselves in time.

When will my baby sleep through the night

A newborn follows its own schedule for sleeping. This means that just because adults feel that the night is a good time to sleep, it is not necessary that your baby will fall in to your plans. You can take heart from the fact that your baby should be sleeping through the night by the second half of the first year, i.e. after about six months.

My baby is three months old and she still wakes up at night

At this stage, many babies who have been used to being fed several times at night tend to wake up more because they are accustomed to feeding rather than because they really feel hungry. At this stage, a baby certainly does not need to be fed three or four times a night. You can cope with this situation by increasing the amount of her food intake at bedtime. Make sure that she has had enough so that she does not feel the need to wake up at night.

You can also feed her before you retire for the night. Ensure that she eats enough during the day. Do not jump to respond at her slightest whimper. Wait and see if she falls asleep on her own without being fed. Do not change her nappy at night unless it is absolutely necessary.

My baby is six months old and she still wakes up at night

If your baby is still waking up three or four times a night, do not feed her. Try to get her to go to sleep by some other means like singing, patting or rocking. If your baby wakes up once or twice at night crying to be fed, harden your heart and ignore her. Let her cry it out or she will never learn to fall asleep on her own

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