baby not passing motion

Nov 12, 2011
my baby is 3 months old. she is not passing motion daily. she passes stool 3-4 days once. what to do ? is this is normal?

note: she is having only breastfeeding.


Minister's of Penmai
May 21, 2011
Its normal... Kamala... Sometimes baby wont poop( motion) for a week.. Its because of constipation... If baby is only breast feeding then may be some food you intake is causing her constipation. Check your diet and eat lot of fibre food.

Since you baby is 3 months old.. It time to give her tummy time... That is placing her on the floor with tumy touching the floor. It will strengthen her neck muscles and also some excercises and pressure for her legs hands and tummy..
Another suggestion is place the baby on a bed facing you and put you hands on her tummy gently and rub her stomach clockwise /anticlockwise for couple of minutes. After that hold both of her legs and push towards her tummy... This position will be like squatting( regular toilet position) when you hold her straight. So it will give her some pressure.. And also you can give her gas relief or gripe water upon doctors advice. You can also take some garlic, ginger, pepper i, asafoetida in your food which is natural gas relief and works for your baby too since you are breast feeding.

Before you take any gas relief tablets check with your doctor whether its safe for your baby since what ever you eat will pass on to your baby throu your milk...

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