Baby Separation Anxiety -


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Baby Separation Anxiety -
The More Your Baby Clings, the More You Let Him!

10 Tips to Ease Baby Separation Anxiety

Do you suspect that your child is going through a patch of baby separation anxiety?
That's wonderful!

It's a healthy sign!

Plus, there are ways to make this phase go easier for all of you.
If you recognize some of the following typical signs of baby separation anxiety, then yes, your parental instinct may be correct:

• Your baby is very clingy and wants to be in your proximity all the time (preferably in your arms).

• Your baby protests and gets upset if you get out of sight, for instance, leave the room.

• If you are the primary caregiver, your baby wants you and no-one else, not even other close caregivers.

• Your baby wakes up anxious at night and wants your comfort.

• When your baby is upset because of not being in your proximity, he or she will quickly calm down when you reunite in your arms.

• Your baby is uncomfortable around strangers and may even fear them.

• Your baby is crying for you when you leave him or her in day care or with a babysitter.

Needless to say that baby separation anxiety is hard on the baby and taxing and wearing for parents but hold out!

Separation anxiety is not only a phase that will pass; it's also a healthy sign in your child.
Your child is getting smart!

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