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Feb 10, 2012
for the past one week my baby is snoring when he is sleeping. i didnt notice this before. is this is common? what is the reason.


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Feb 17, 2012
Babies that snore or snort while sleeping is usually not an indication of a serious problem. Generally snoring and snorting is more present in babies that have a cold or due to allergies and simply buying an air purifier can help relieve symptoms.

However, if you find your toddler snoring with gasps for air, it may be a blockage, also referred to as “obstructive sleep apnea” which should be seen by pediatrician. This article will analyse the main causes of baby snoring and also reveal 3 methods to cure it.

Baby Snoring CausesIn most cases, baby snoring is nothing to be concerned about. Like other parts of their bodies, which are still immature, babies are noisy breathers in general because their nasal passages are still narrow and usual are filled with bubbly secretions.

When airpasses through these puddles of secretions, a vibratory sound is produced causing baby snoring. Baby snoring is basically just a sound produced by the soft tissues as air passes in. As the baby grows older, as well as his nasal passages, and as he learns to swallow excess saliva these vibratory sounds or baby snoringshould subside.

A baby’s weight may also contribute to baby snoring. Frequent baby snoring may already be a sign of sleep apnea. If your baby has this condition, his breathing may stop for about 10 seconds (due to the obstruction in the nasal passages).

Baby’s and toddlers experiencing sleep apnea tend tobe sleepy and tired during the day.One more cause for baby snoringis laryngomalacia. This is a condition in which your baby’s cartilage, that opens as air passesin, has not fully matured yet but this should subside by the sixth month.

3 Safe Ways to Stop Your Baby Snoring at Night

1. Cleaning Nasal PassagesAnother remedy to stop baby snoring is by cleaning the nasal passages with the help of steam. You can do this in evening or before the bedtime but be carefulthat the steam is not too warm, as you do not want to make yourbaby feel too uncomfortable.

The easiest and safest way to do this is to buy warm mist humifier but a simple bucket and cloth will work as well.

2. Removing Allergens in the HomeAnother way to stop baby snoring is to clear the allergens that may be present in your home such as animal dander and collections of dust. These allergens can lead to excessive mucus production which, in turn,cause snoring.

3. Get Expert Help – See a PediatricianIf after all of your attempts to ease the baby snoring you find that nothing works or if you are still concerned, you may want to consult a pediatrician. More than likely, he or she will tell you that there is nothing to be alarmed about and that the baby snoring that your little one is having is normal and he or she should grow out of it.

In more extreme cases, some infant snoring is caused by an abnormal structure in their nasal passages. Enlarged tonsils are also cause of snoring in older children but rarely does this happen to infants. Enlarged tonsils may be corrected by a simple outpatient operation.

Pediatricians may also check for cysts or if there are no abnormal movements in your baby’s palate.ConclusionThe soft sound of your baby snoring may strike you as adorable, but as a parent, you may start to worry about the underlying reasons.

In many instances, snoring during infancyis nothing to worry about. Often, it’s related to underdeveloped narrow airways stuffed up with mucus, an issue which usually resolves as the airways develop. If the snoring is unbearable and sounds like your child is uncomfortable, it is best to find out more as there may be an underlying condition.

Consult your pediatrician if you’re concerned that your baby’s snoring is indicative of a larger problem.this may help you.
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May 21, 2011
Its not that serious issue.. As if there are any block in the nose like dirty in the nose.. while breathing baby snore... As from your previous post.. she just had cold right.. So its ok and nothing serious... when they are in deep sleep they snore. and it will go away.. in a week or no worries.. to be sure ... in your next pediatrician visit.. just let him know he snores at night and whats the reason behind it...

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