Back Into Your Life After a Heart Attack


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Back Into Your Life After a Heart Attack

Once you're through the early period after a heart attack, your doctor may talk to you about how to be active within your limits Your doctor will probably want you to do an exercise test (also called a stress test)

Based on the results, your doctor will develop an exercise plan for you.

First of all follow all the instructions given by your doctor. He is the best guide for the patient

Stop worrying and be stress free. Modify your Life system .Avoid tension and hectic and work in a relaxed way.

Spend more time with the family. Avoid talking more about heart attack avoid friend and family members who want to talk negative ideas and statics.

change your lifestyle . Avoid fried foods sweets and cakes. follow the advice of your Dietisian Control of weight is a vital factor.Patients should follow a low-fat, low-saltz diet avoiding saturated fats and the minnimun amount of salt, pepper and spices.

Excercise routine is a must for a healthy heart. One take up walking initially and gradually start swimming once the doctor gives permission. Swimming is a very good excercise for all the parts of the body.

Exercise alert!

Call your doctor right away if you have any of the following symptoms during exercise:

Shortness of breath for more than about 10 minutes
Chest pain or pain in your arms, neck, jaw or stomach
Dizzy spells
Pale or splotchy skin
Very fast heart beat or an irregular heart beat
Cold sweats
Nausea and vomiting
Weakness or fainting
Swelling or pain in your leg

Stop smoking and drinking alchohol. These are the two major factors in causing the heart attack

Be happy and cheerful and do useful things during the day to keep yourself occupied Like reading a good book , hearing the soothing music etc

control your blood lressur consult your doctor and take his advice seriously.

control your cholestrol level

Diabetes Control
blood sugar control is very important

Refrain from Depression
Depression is linked to the heart disease in several ways.

back to work
Most people go back to work within 1 to 3 months after having a heart attack. The amount of time you are off from work depends on the condition of your heart and how strenuous or stressful your work is.

consult your doctor for advice.
Don't be afraid of sex because of your heart attack. Try different positions if one position seems to make you uncomfortable.Let your partner be on top to reduce the amount of energy you use during sex.

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