Back Pain Can Be Avoided or Treated Early If You Follow These Seven Simple Rules


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Jul 5, 2011
1.Avoid Sudden Twisting Or Bending
Sudden twisting or bending may tear the ligaments that hold your vertebra. It may even injure or displace inter-vertebral disc. In worse conditions, this disc may get squeezed out of its outer casing causing you severe pain.

2.Be Careful While Lifting Heavy Objects
Lifting weight puts stress on your back. To avoid injuring your back, align your back in correct position and lift the weight gently.

3.Check Your Posture
Bad posture is the most common cause of back pain in middle-aged people. Standing or sitting improperly for long durations disrupts the alignment of spine. Gradually, over a period of years, this leads to development of more and more back problems. Muscles bear stress that will lead to their accelerated wear and tear. Unequal stress on certain muscles, joints, ligaments can destroy the harmony, making the back suffer more.

4.Never Start Exercise Without Proper Warm Up
Warming up raises the temperature of your muscles. This makes them tender and flexible. Now they are ready to bear exercise stress. Conversely if you start exercise without warm up, your muscles are still cold and thus not ready for stress. Sudden stress may strain them leading to back pain.

5.Stretch Your Spine
If you are inactive for long durations, it is bad for your back. Immobility, due to sedentary office work or due to disease or old age may make your spine stiff. If you seldom stretch your spine, then, in the long run, the ligaments in between your vertebrae may become stiff, thin, inelastic, tender and painful. Stiff ligaments make spine inflexible, which further encourages you to avoid spine activity. Thus a vicious circle of spine stiffness and immobility is created resulting in degeneration of ligaments. This leads to major problems with the back and the neck.

6.Maintain Healthy Body Weight
Maintaining healthy body weight is good for many reasons. Apart from being beneficial for general well being, it has specific role towards your spine too. Being overweight or obese puts more weight on your spine. Being persistently under this heavy stress degenerates muscles, ligaments and joints leading to back pain. Increased weight in pregnancy too leads to back pain.

7.Eat Right For Healthy Back
Make your diet rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins to ensure a healthy spine. Complete nutrition is the foundation to smooth functioning of your bod

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