back pain during pregnancy

Dec 6, 2012
hello dears... this is nineth month of my pregnancy and i am having severe back pain for the last few days. is this normal at this time? does it affects my baby or delivery? please help me


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May 21, 2011
Back pain increases in the 9th month of thepregnancy. Its because the baby is descending and occupies and hits your major part of the body and also your fast weight gain.
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When the time comes that you are about to enter the final month of pregnancy then you need to expect a lot of changes to your physical and emotional aspect. As the baby grows inside your wombyou are also suffering from lots of discomforts in the body. During this stage, the weight gainduring pregnancy is increased. As the baby descends, you may also feel a lot of pressure at the lower extremities of the body. The pregnancy weight gain can also affect the mother’s health status. It is not recommended for them to eat any foods they like. They should strictly follow the guidelines for[COLOR=#009900 !important]pregnancy healthy diet[/COLOR] in order for them to achieve the optimal body weight for pregnancy.

The pregnant belly is very prominent and the changes in [COLOR=#009900 !important]skin[/COLOR] color are also imminent. It is known as the linea nigra. This is very common and it normal. Many women may seem to think it as a bloating during pregnancy. As long as the baby did not descend yet, the [COLOR=#009900 !important]pregnant woman[/COLOR] may suffer from respiratory problems such as difficulty of breathing. The baby compresses the lungs which can’t expand normally. As the lung presses the heart, the pregnant mother may also suffer from heartburn.

Specific body discomforts during the last month of pregnancy

Here are the following discomforts that occur during the last trimester of the pregnancy:

  • Heartburn
    This is due to the compression of the heart by the lungs. It is also caused by increasing production of progesterone (hormone responsible for pregnancy). In order for them to alleviate this condition, they need to eat small, frequent feeding spread throughout the day. They need to avoid foods which are very fatty and caffeine products. As the weight gain during pregnancyincreases, she should be suffering from decreased motility of the intestine. This is why we recommend them to remain upright for at least 1 hour after eating.
  • Backache
    The back pain during pregnancy is very common and it is because of the descending baby and changes in the gravity of thepregnant woman causing her to lose her balance. It is also due to the postural adjustment of pregnancy which develops with enlarging uterus. In order for them to lessen back pain during pregnancy, they need to use proper body mechanics. We encourage them to maintain good posture. Pregnant woman should also wear low-to-mid heel shoes. It is also recommended for them to walk with her pelvis tilted forward. They can also apply local heat to the back if needed. Pregnant woman should sleep on a firmer mattress or using a board under the current mattress to add firmness. They can also practice pelvic rocking or tiltingexercises. This way they can alleviate their sufferings from back pain during pregnancy.
  • Leg cramps
    The pregnancy weight gain increases wherein the pregnant belly is prominent can contribute to the added weight of pregnant mother. As the [COLOR=#009900 !important]lower back pain[/COLOR] during pregnancy occurs, the leg also suffers from increased pressure and tension. In order for them to lessen the discomfort, they need to have an optimal intake of calcium and phosphorus. We also encourage them to take frequent rest periods with the legs slightly elevated. They can also wear warm clothing. Leg cramps due to bloating during pregnancy is instructed to pull the toes up toward the leg while pressing down on the knee.
  • Hemorrhoids
    The weight gain during pregnancy can also contribute to the development of hemorrhoids. It is because of the growing baby, the weight of the mother is affected. The pressure goes into the pelvic veins due to the enlarging uterus. It can also be caused bysymptoms of constipation which is very common in the last month of pregnancy. In order for them to relieve the [COLOR=#009900 !important]symptoms[/COLOR] of[COLOR=#009900 !important]hemorrhoids[/COLOR], we recommend them to avoid constipation. We caution the pregnant mothers against prolonged standing and wearing restrictive clothing. We also suggest them to use topical ointment or anesthetic if allowed. The pregnant mother with increasing pregnancy weight gain should also use witch hazel compresses. They can also perform sitz baths or applying of warm soaks. As the pregnant belly affects the sleeping pattern of the mother, we advise them to lie on their left side with their feet slightly elevated. This way, they will lessen the agony of hemorrhoids and at the same time can achieve optimal sleeping pattern.
  • Constipation
    Since the baby is moving rapidly at the last month of the pregnancy, the bowel sluggishness which is caused by the increasing production of progesterone and steroid hormone can [COLOR=#009900 !important]cause constipation[/COLOR]. In order for them to relieve from this discomfort, we encourage them to engage in moderate daily exercises. We also advise them to increase intake of fluids and foods [COLOR=#009900 !important]high in fiber[/COLOR]. As the bloating during pregnancy is present, we urge them to maintain a regular [COLOR=#009900 !important]elimination[/COLOR] patterns and avoid ignoring the urge to defecate. The pregnant woman is cautioned by using mineral oil, which can deplete her level of fat-soluble [COLOR=#009900 !important]vitamins[/COLOR].

As the [COLOR=#009900 !important]weight gain[/COLOR] in pregnancy increases the morbidity of backache during pregnancy is also increasing. This is just a normal changes in the physical aspect of a pregnant mother and they need to carefully understand this as they prepare themselves for the upcoming delivery.

source:center pregnancy
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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Gayathriranga, please read the following article which will give solutions to your doubts.

Physically, the cumulative weight gain may make the mother uncomfortable, even while sitting or lying down. Emotionally, she may feel quite ready to finally meet her baby. Worries and anxieties may surface towards the end of the pregnancy, sometimes manifesting themselves as aches and pains throughout the back, neck or shoulders. The mother-to-be may rest assured that the end is near. At this point she visits her doctor weekly.

Physical Pains

The lower back, abdomen, uterus and cervix all feel the considerable weight of the baby. Some mothers feel the baby “drop” or “lighten”—in other words, they feel the baby move into station for impending labor. This places even more pressure on the bladder, increasing the need to urinate and making it difficult to sleep at night. As the baby drops, the sciatica and round ligament pain that is common in the third trimester tends to increase. At this point, many mothers find it difficult to lie flat on their sides, opting instead to sleep at an incline. Braxton Hicks contractions may increase in the ninth month, preparing the body for real contractions of labor.

Emotional Pains

As physical pains make it difficult for the mother to sleep, she may find herself up late at night worrying about the impending birth or the logistics of caring for a baby. Many mothers feel the urge to “nest”--or prepare and freeze meals, do laundry and deep clean the house--during the ninth month, according to Pregnancy Info. This is an evolutionary response to impending labor. While this may be a welcome burst of energy for some, pregnant women must take care not to overdo it.
Ways to Cope

Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to ease both the physical and emotional pains of the ninth month. A walk or swim gently exercises the body and soothes the mind. Pregnant women should pay extra attention to hydration and make sure their vitamin and mineral intake is sufficient. Iron, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins are crucial throughout the pregnancy and particularly towards the end.

Some pregnant women may discuss additional treatments with their doctors. Acupuncture and massage both ease physical and emotional maladies associated with the ninth month of pregnancy.

Aches and pains could be a sign of labor, especially at nine months’ gestation. According to experts, if the pains wrap around from back to front or come and go at regular intervals, the mother may actually be in labor. Her water may also break, or she may notice bloody vaginal discharge. In any case, she should contact her doctor immediately.


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