Bacterial Vaginosis

Jun 24, 2015
Los Angeles, US
Okay so I never really struggledwith the health of my area down there before the last few years. I have beenwith the same partner for 3 years and realized I contracted Bacterial Vaginosisfrom them. I realized immediately that things just felt dirty and then came theodor. Well I struggled with getting rid of it for about 2 years. They thoughtit was yeast infections and the realized it was BV but kept prescribing gelsand pills. It would come back after a month or two of using the prescriptions. Finallya friend of mine told me about her gyno that is very good in these issues so I decided to go to the doctor to give acure that's working for me.
After all medical exams the doctor said that there is only one medicineavailable for Bacterial Vaginosis with best results. It is called CervugidOvules. It's a vaginal suppository , and consists in 3 courses.I said to trythis treatment, maybe I will get rid of this infection. I took 3 boxes with breakbetween them. I had again Pap Smear test that came out negative. After a longtime i can say that I got rid of itching, unpleasant leakage and worse odor.

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