Bad Nutrition And Hair Loss


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Jul 5, 2011
Today , we are so busy that we often overlook the importance of good nutrition. We often miss breakfast just to get to work on time. For lunch, this often consists of fast food or a pre-packed sandwich that we quickly prepared as we rushed out for the day. Dinner isn’t any better since we are too tired from the day’s work and exhausting commute that we often just dish out a microwave dinner.

But did you know that having a consistently poor diet can cause further hair loss? While we normally shed around 50 to 100 strands of hair per day, nutritional deficiencies can increase this hair loss. The hair follicles consist of several layers and contain several tiny blood vessels at the base where it feeds the shaft. If your diet is deficient in nourishment, it cannot supply necessary nutrients to the rest of the body, including the hair shaft which in turn becomes weak. The hair then falls off or breaks easily. Another consequence of poor diet is slow hair growth.

This is where adequate nutrition comes in. The basic nutrients for healthier hair growth are vitamin A, B complex vitamins, iron, vitamin c, zinc, and proteins.

Insufficient intake of vitamin A can lead to hair loss. B complex vitamins in turn are important for the normal red blood cell metabolism, which carries oxygen to the cells. Inadequate B vitamins in the diet can lead to reduced oxygen supply to the hair shaft, resulting to slow hair growth and even hair shedding.

Hair is mostly made of protein, lack of it would have adverse effects on the hair. If your diet is protein-deficient, the body will compensate by saving protein. This would mean shifting growing hairs that need protein into the resting phase causing slow hair growth. This could also result to increased hair shedding in the following months.

If you feel that you’re not having the adequate amounts of nutrients in what you eat, better start improving on the quality of your food intake to prevent hair loss.

However, there are times that we simply cannot consistently eat nutritionally balanced food because of various reasons and circumstances. To stop hair shedding and hair loss, one natural solution is by using an herbal based and vitamin-rich shampoo. No matter how busy your day may be, you’ll definitely wash your hair before going to work, right?

Simply replace your everyday shampoo with FAST Shampoo and Conditioner. Unlike ordinary shampoos, FAST takes hair care to another level, infusing each hair strand with herbs, B vitamins, and amino acids to make hair grow healthier and faster. If you have excessive hair shedding, the Nisim Biofactors range will control excessive hair loss in as little as one week.

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