Balanced Indian Diet For Diabetics


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Balanced Indian Diet For Diabetics

The Indian diet is one of the most balanced diets in the world. Most people think that Indian food is spicy, oily and generally unhealthy. But that is a misconception. You can have a diet with Indian foods that is very healthy and wholesome. If you have diabetes, your diet becomes restricted. Diabetes is now becoming an epidemic and thus, Indian who have diabetes need to look for a diet that suits their palate.
The best part about an Indian diet is that it is a complete diet that contains proportionate amounts of carbohydrates, fats and proteins apart from the essential nutrients. Moreover, the Indian diabetic diet has many options for vegetarian.

Indian Diet For Diabetes:

Cut down on rice: An Indian diet is usually a little heavy on carbohydrates. Now there is nothing wrong with eating carbs as long as they are not starchy. Cut out on white rice and refined flour. Move towards brown rice and coarse wheat flour. Carbs that are high in dietary fibres can be eaten sparing by diabetics. The bottom line is choose rotis instead of rice.

Indian Curries: The spicy curries in Indian cuisine have a high salt content but as far as high blood sugar is concerned, they are safe. You need to cut down on the oil in curries because if you are diabetic, your fat metabolism will be weak. Spices are fine, as long as your stomach can take it.

Indian pulses or Dals: The Indian diet includes lots of pulses and lentils, this is saviour for diabetics. Pulses or dals have very low glycemic index (does not spike your blood sugar levels). If you are a vegetarian, then dals are a major source of proteins for you. Try to fill your stomach with dals and other pulses instead of carbs like rice and rotis.

Bitter Vegetables: Indian cuisine gives you the opportunity to eat bitter vegetables that can control high blood sugar. Vegetables like bitter gourd, need leaves, fenugreek leaves, bottle gourd etc. must be included in a diet for diabetes. Indian delicacies like Stuffed Karela (bitter gourd), sambar (contains many vegetables) etc allow you to have these beneficial vegetables.

Curd To End The Meal: The Indian diet is one of the most scientifically designed diets in the world. Staple Indian food will always include curd. Fresh and low fat curd is good for controlling diabetes. You must learn to have it without sugar though. Apart from giving you the goodness of calcium, it also cools the stomach.

These are some of fine points of designing an Indian diet for diabetics. Keep them in mind and you will be able to control your diabetes easily while enjoying the food of your choice.

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