baldness and marriage problem

May 16, 2015
due to heredity problem i am starting losing my hair and looking bald in front. now i am only 30 years but my baldness makes me to look like a 40 years old. now my parents started to looking for a girl for my marriage. but i have some fear whether girls will reject because of baldness.

any solution to this problem. can i do hair replacement like that. is that will be life long or any major side effects will be there.

i am so much depressed because of this. if i am like this i have thought whether i will be like a inferiority complex man.

friends tell me how to over come this problem.


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Sep 2, 2014
Brother @senthilkvs
Dont worry about the baldness too much. As this is in your heredity you cannot control it. The more you worry, more the chances are, you will fall prey to the false hair restoration marketing campaign.

My husbands close friend did it just before marriage, it lasted only few months and he gave up. Another person,one of our close friend's brother, hair plantation in US, but that dint work out. he too did for the same reason you stated(age 30 at the time of seeking alliance). Finally he wore a wig(toppa) and revealed it to the girls family and finally he is married now. He looks much older than his elder brother. But no body realised that he looked older, not because of his baldness, but because of his obese body(may be because of the stress).

One of my close friend, she is from a well to do, respected family. She had an alliance from a guy who had a nice career, young age, tall and nice physic, but bald. The way he held his head high and spoke to others(during the first meet), made everyone like him. No body had second thoughts about his baldness. Now she is happily married with kids.

Forget about the baldness, focus on your physical fitness, stay healthy, active and fit. Do yoga and follow healthy habits. Always have positive thinking and happy and energetic mind, which gives glow(thejas) to your face. Also focus on your career.
If these are taken care of, there is no need to cover up. Health, character, courage to face/handle any obstacle and career... only makes a person manly.

Just be confident, keep your head held high and have high energy level. Ignore all the mocking/teasing. You will definetly get your soul-mate, who truly deserves you.

All the best!!!
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