Banjaras Saffron Facial Kit - Review


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May 24, 2010
Banjaras Saffron Facial Kit

Saffron is an expensive botanical product and is used as beauty enhancer since ancient time. This aromatic product if applied augments the beauty of skin as twice as normal look. This natural product when used on a little fairer skin gives a youthful fresh & vibrant look. It not only improves the skin by clearing the clogged pores, but also removes greasy oil, blemishes, pigmentation, sun tan, wrinkles, acne and dead cells that are accumulated on the surface of the skin. This specially formulated pack contains all the effective ingredients that are vital for a healthy and glowing skin.

How is Banjara's Saffron Facial Kit is different from other facial kits?

Banjara's has a natural botanical and herbal extract from plant origin and has a high standard and consistent quality. It is derived from natural source in and are safe in use of personnel care.

Net Wt:

Saffron Cleansing Milk - 100ml
Saffron Scrub Gel - 175g
Saffron Astringent - 150ml
Saffron Gel - 175g
Gold Massage Cream - 50g
Saffron Face Pack - 100g
Saffron Moisturising Lotion - 100ml
Procedure to use:

Step 1:

Cleansing Saffron Cleansing Milk
Take a few drops of Banjara's Saffron cleansing milk and massage gently on the face and neck for 3 minutes. And then wipe it with a cotton ball. It removes dirt, grime and makeup without drying the skin. This cleansing milk can be used daily instead of soap or face cleanser to clean the face.

Step 2:

Exfoliating Saffron Scrub Gel
Take Banjara's Saffron Scrub Gel and massage gently on the face and neck in a circular motion for 5 minutes avoiding eyes and lip area. This helps to exfoliate dead cells, black heads and white heads from deep inside the pores and softens.

Step 3:

Purifying & Pore Tightening Saffron Astringent
Take few drops of Banjara's Saffron Astringent in a cotton ball. Tab it all over the face and neck and leave it to dry. It tightens the pores and removes excess dirt left on the skin. It can be used daily after cleaning the face.

Step 4:

Radiance Treatment A Saffron Gel
Apply the Banjara's Saffron gel along with Saffron Serum on to the face and massage with gentle circular strokes so that it penetrates deep into the skin for 10 minutes. It helps to lighten up the complexion and evens out the skin tone. The Saffron gel is used as day cream for regular use.

Step 5:

Nourish Treatment Gold Massage Cream
After Massaging with Saffron gel, Take a nut size amount of Banjara's Saffron Massage Cream and massage it on the face for 15-20 minutes in a circular motion. This helps in blood circulation and adds glow to the skin. For better results mix Saffron serum with the massage cream. Saffron lightens ups pigmentation and makes skin fairer and luminous. Saffron Serum can also be used on a daily basis as a fairness treatment.

Step 6:

Fairness Pack Saffron Face Pack
Mix Saffron Face Pack, Saffron Serum and rose water and make thick paste. Apply it on the face and neck. Allow it to dry thoroughly. This face pack helps to lighten up pigmentation, tanned skin and uneven skin tone. This Face Pack makes the skin feel fresh and luminous with a natural glow.

Step 7:

Touch Up Saffron Moisturising Lotion
Finally treat the skin with Saffron Lotion adds shine to the skin. Take few drops and rub it in the palm. Starting from neck to face in upward stokes gently glide your palm to spread the lotion on the face.

End Result:

The skin becomes lighter, fairer,luminous and softer. It removes Pigmentation, blemishes, Tan and uneven skin tone making the skin look more radiant. It tightens collagen fiber thus making the skin firmer. This helps to rejuvenate the skin. It helps in cell renewal process. It adds natural glow to the skin.


Not recommended for sensitive skin. If found any irritation after using the product, wash the face and place ice cubes on it for 10 minutes and rinse it thoroughly.

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Sep 23, 2011
the price is high but the product is very good.. did any of you get side effects?


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Jul 4, 2011
the price is high but the product is very good.. did any of you get side effects?
Hi roja

side effects are not that everybody gets but only few who have sensitive skin and are sensitive to some certain items or chemicals.

banjaras products are mostly herbal made up of herbal and home made products so there can be not more ratio of side effects i hope.
i have not used the facial product but used up banjaras multani matti and such facial packs in lesser prices which are really effective.

it just brings a glow on the face.
Sep 6, 2011
i have tried it.. but it is not as much effective.. but better than the other products. cost is very high
Nov 28, 2011

All cosmetics (including this kit) is available @10% discount in Saravana Stores and Jeyachandrans.

I generally dont buy cosmetics @ these shops but I bought this kit and a few biotique products (which I have already used and know the original quality) - and all were genuine and properly packed.

Thought this might be of help, since it is expensive.

However I find VLCC facial kits offer the best results ( even my parlour beautician confirmed the same - as I take my own product and ask her to do the facial).

This is my personal experience....

Hope it is of help....

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