Bathing tips for your newborn


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Jun 28, 2011
Bathing a slippery newborn can be a nerve-wracking experience. Your baby might not like it much, either. With a little practice, however, you'll both start to feel more comfortable at bath time. Start by learning baby bath basics.

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  • The water should be warm, not hot. Check it with your wrist or elbow and mix it well so there are no hot patches.
  • Take off your watch and jewellery and wash your hands.
  • Gently support your baby at all times while he’s having a bath.
  • Choose a bath time when you’re unlikely to be interrupted (by phone calls or visitors, for example).
  • Hold your baby on your knee and clean their face.
  • Supporting his head, lay your baby down in the bath so the back of his head is submerged. Gently splash some water onto his head.
  • Wash your baby’s hair once or twice a week. You don’t need shampoo for newborn hair.
  • Gently wash your baby’s genitals and bottom last, using water only (although oil in the bath is fine too). Also clean out any bits of poo or vomit from her body creases.
  • Supporting your baby’s head and neck, lift him out of the bath then place him on his back on a clean, dry, soft towel.
  • Wrap your baby in the towel and pat dry. Pay attention to skin creases, including armpits, groin, under the chin, around the neck and behind the ears.
  • This is a good time to massage some oil or cream (not aqueous cream) into your baby's skin. Don't use anything that contains peanut oil as some babies are allergic to it. Lots of babies love being massaged, and it can help them relax and sleep. It's best if you lay your baby on a towel on the floor as both the baby and your hands can get slippery.
  • If your baby seems frightened of bathing and cries, try bathing together. Make sure the water isn't too hot. It's easier if someone else holds your baby while you get in and out of the bath.
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