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Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
It's only natural to have your share of fights with your mom, but you should also know how to make up. Also, with hectic schedules that most daughters have, they find it difficult to make an effort to give time to their moms.
Re-bonding with mom
Here's what you can do to ensure that you don't forget the most important relationship in your life.

Spa time:
What better treat to give a mother than to book a relaxing session at a spa. Besides a relaxing facial, make sure you include a shoulder-and-head as well as a foot massage. But don't just hand her a voucher. Ask her to go on her own. Instead, join her. Make sure she gets the best treatments available. It is through gestures like these that you can show your mom that you care.

Travel tales:
If you can take a vacation with your girl gang, what's stopping you from doing the same with your mom? It would be a good break for both of you. But don't make it a family vacation. Let this be your alone-time with your mom. But check out the kind of holiday she's interested in before making a plan. Also, when on a holiday, avoid subjects that would cause friction.

Take a class together:
If you and your mom share a common interest, then it's the perfect opportunity for you to spend some quality time together. If your mom likes to paint get her to join painting classes along with you or even head out to the gym together. That way you can spend time together and ensure her good health. Even if you don't have a common interest, go along with her liking, maybe you will find out a hidden talent. Joining a class together will ensure that none of you will leave it halfway.

Kitchen confidential:
Most moms are master chefs when it comes to cooking. If there's that particular biryani that you like which your mom makes really well, learn to make it. That's how each family passes on their secret recipes to the next generation. If that's not something you fancy, then teach her that new pasta recipe you've learnt. If you don't want to do any of this, download some interesting recipe from the net and get your mum to help you cook it. It's the perfect way to share stories and bond in the kitchen.

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