Be word-wise with your lady love


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Be word-wise with your lady love

Sometimes what you say does not matter but how you say it can make or break a relationship. We tell you how to toe the line without hurting the woman you love.

Your friends are a pain:
A woman's circle of friends are as important to her as her family. Even though you may not like them, if you value the relationship avoid being overtly critical about her friends and make the effort to be civil to them.

You can't do this:
Ordering your partner is not going to earn your brownie points she may decide to slam the door in your face even before she has let you place your foot halfway through it.

I plan to buy our house, have babies and settle here:
Making decisions for your partner will not please her is she values her independence. It's best to discuss how you two perceive your future and plan things with mutual understanding.

How many have there been before me?
Though you may be curious about your partner's sex life. Avoid going there initially or using it as a topic to break ice. It will only freeze her response towards you. Besides it's best if she initiates this conversation otherwise its best avoided.

Why why why?
Pestering her with a barrage of questions and badgering her till you get answers is not going to help your cause. She will only resent the third degree treatment and think you are too clingy.

Brag, brag and brag some more:
You may have your possessions and you have every right to be proud of them but bragging about your achievements will only present you in negative light.

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