Beauty benefits of soy


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Jun 8, 2011
Soy is something we think of as the food on our plate, not something we put on our face; But just as soy has many benefits for your physical health, it also has qualities that may help you look more beautiful.

[h=2]MOISTURIZING SKIN[/h]Many skin cleansers and lotions contain soy for its moisturizing properties. Soy contains vitamin E, which is useful when applied topically as a moisturizer. The website notes that consuming the phytoestrogens in soy may help the body produce more estrogen, which can minimize wrinkles and fine lines.

[h=2]STRONGER NAILS[/h]Consuming soy may help make your nails stronger and less brittle. The website says that consuming soy, in the form of tofu, soy milk and tempeh, can strengthen your nails and make them less prone to breaking.

[h=2]SMOOTHER AND FULLER HAIR[/h]Soy may have benefits in treating hair loss, particularly for men. According to a 2004 study led by Trent D. Lund at the University of Colorado, soy is an anti-androgen, meaning that it can neutralize the effects of excess male hormones. Excess male hormones can lead to hair loss and abnormal hair growth. Soy may also help smooth the appearance of hair, and it is used in many shampoos and conditioners.

Soy may have benefits in bio-lipid based wrinkle prevention, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Chemists Dave Compton and Joe Laszlo, from the agency's Agricultural Research Service, discovered bio-lipids in soy, referred to as ferulic soy glycerides, which could prevent wrinkles and have future uses as an ingredient in anti-aging products, shampoos and cleansers.

[h=2]ANTIOXIDANTS[/h]Soy contains natural antioxidants, which may have antiaging effects. Paula Begoun, also known as the "Cosmetics Cop," reports that the plant-based phytochemicals in soy can fight free radicals, which contribute to the aging process. Soy also stimulates collagen production and may improve skin's elasticity.

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