Beauty dos and don'ts


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Jul 5, 2011
Beauty dos and don'ts

Here are some expert tips that you should include in your beauty regime...

I am 24 years old and I'm facing severe hair fall due to dandruff. I have used all the leading brands of shampoos for dandruff and > hair fall but still no use. Most of hair in the front are falling and the hair aren't growing back I just don't understand what to do now. Please help me.
- Jyoti W

First and foremost let me clear the myth that dandruff causes hair fall. It doesn't. I would advise you to use medicated shampoos for dandruff and not over the counter products even if they are from leading brands. You can try shampoos like Salisia KT or 8X or Arcolane to keep your dandruff under control. As regards hair fall you need to meet up with a dermatologist to understand the cause of hair fall and undergo treatment for the same.

My son is 20 months old. When he was two months old, he developed a small black spot on the right side of his nose. The spot became more prominent and has become the size of a big mole on his nose. Although there are no other problems due to this mark, I am afraid that it might grow bigger as he grows big and might not look good aesthetically. Please advise if there is any natural method to remove the mole or if I need to go for laser treatment, at what age should I subject the child to such treatment.
- Kalindhi

I think your son is too small right now to undergo any laser treatment. I would advise you to meet with a plastic surgeon for a consultation. You need not worry about it right now.

I am 60-years old and have dry skin. I have been using milk cream over many years to restore the moisture in my skin. But the rest of my body is scaly. My hair too is dry and non lustreless. I want to change my skin and hair care routine.
- Pushpa T

I would suggest you use a moisturiser like sebamed hydrating body lotion or cetaphil DAM, Avene moisturising lotion. For your hair you can try using a conditioner for dry hair to keep it soft.

Being a man, I haven't indulged in beauty treatments but would want to know the simplest way to take care of skin for an office goer in his late 30s. I also got married recently, would I have to alter the routine, just the way women do.
- Thomas Jose

All you need is to have a good cleanser to wash your face twice or thrice a day. A good sunscreen to avoid damages due to sun and a good moisturiser twice a day. I would suggest you consult a good dermatologist who will check your skin type and suggest you the above mentioned products as per your skin type.

I work out daily and due to the sweating, my back is now developing slightly patchy skin. How do I take care of that. I wear backless blouses and these blackish spots look ugly. Is there a medicated soap I could use?
- Usha Kiran

I don't think sweating leads to patchy skin. It must be due to acne and post acne marks that must leading to patchy skin. I would advise you consult a dermatologist but meanwhile you can use keracnyl skin cleanser for your back .

I have acne on my face. But I am not able to find a good moisturiser and sunscreen for my face. What do you recommend?
- Manikanda Dhawan

You have oily skin and you will have to use moisturiser and sunscreen suitable for oily skin. You can try using emolene moisturiser or acne moist or sebamed care gel and for sunscreen you can try avenue sunscreen emulsion or suncote gel or suncros aqua gel.

(Abhijit Desai - Cosmetic Dermatologist)

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