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Apr 4, 2011
If dieting has never been your forte then continue reading, because when it comes to enviably smooth, blemish-free skin, what you put into your face is just as important as what you put on to it. So in the effort to achieve foundation-free holiday skin, the beach experts over at Beach Tomato turned to Wellness Expert, Ruben Tabares, a nutritionist who knows a scary amount about healthy eating and all-round fitness. So here is their list of the ultimate skin-friendly superfoods. So, keep your fridge full of these nutritious wonders and eat yourself beautiful...

Acerola Cherries – These little superfoods of yumminess are firstly high in vitamins A and B – both vital for a healthy-looking, smooth, clear complexion. Don’t under estimate their size; they have 65 times more vitamin C than an orange – which plays an integral role in strengthening and healing skin - a key ally against both acne and wrinkles.

Cantaloupe Melon – The superman of antioxidant enzymes, Superoxide Dismutase is found in Cantaloupe Melons and is famous for fighting off the effects of free radicals – protecting you against premature ageing (hurrah).

Avocado – Avocados are bursting full of beauty benefits, but are known best for their anti-aging properties, which they get from the antioxidant glutathione. They also contain lutein, which has been proven to help hydrate the skin and help with its elasticity and although they are notoriously fatty, it’s super-good fat, so get munching.

Vegetable Juice - Okay so it's not exactly a food, but combining the most beneficial skin nutrients, such as celery, cucumber, spinach, carrots and apple in one delicious juice, is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Aside from the multitude of vitamins you will be consuming, it is also high in sulphur which is a vital constituent of keratin and collagen, so not only will your skin glow, but your hair and nails will be smoother and stronger from the inside out.

Water – Okay another liquid within the list and an obvious one too, but an essential one at that. After losing two litres of waters at night through loss of moisture it is vital to replenish this with three to four litres of water every day. This water will help you detoxify and ideally should be spring water from a bottle, but tap will do the trick.

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