Beauty tips for handsome Men A Raksha Bnadhan Tips


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Beauty tips for handsome Men A Raksha Bnadhan Tips

The word beautiful does not only apply to women. It applies to men as much. Good grooming plays an important role in making a person beautiful. Most men do not know how to play their cards well when it comes to good grooming. All they know is to be beautiful one has to be clean, smell good, dress well, have that spark in his eyes, have sweet irresistible smile that shows his perfect teeth and a sexy body. Well there’s more to it than just that. Often these men overdo and overlook a lot of things in their grooming habits. Here are some of these grooming habits that men overdo and overlook and how things should be.

Too much of everything is bad
Men tend to overpower themselves with the body spray or perfume they use. They often go overboard with how much cologne, perfume, body spray or deodorant they apply on their bodies. This practice tends to annoy other people rather than find men pleasing. A little of a scent would be fine to make a man smell good, fresh and clean.

Another thing that men overdo is putting too much gel on their hair. This definitely does not make them look good; this makes their hair look gooey. A little bit of gel applied to dampened hair will give you a better look.

Remember that a well-kept mane is appealing and attractive.

Overlooking details
With men, having a clean face and body is just about it.

They often do not give attention to other parts of their body that little do they know when kept unclean would give others a bad impression on them.

A few men attend to grooming their nails. They do not give their nails a good trim or a good clean. Dirty nails leave the impression that the person owning them only attends to the bigger picture of keeping clean. He does not go into details. As a whole, people would consider him to be untidy just the same.


Banned User
Aug 6, 2012
I think that, We can daily exercise, if walk more time and care his health, If eat the good food,If became ill, his checkup to the doctor, Your mind do fresh, and free from the tension, Every work at that time, your body do care, I think that we can fit every time.

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