Beauty tips using natural materials


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Jun 8, 2011
Maintaining beauty doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Many of the common items people stock in their kitchens are beneficial for promoting and maintaining beauty. For instance, olive oil is just one of many products that provide antioxidants and other nutrients to support overall health and beauty. According to the Carefair website, "Olive oil works from the outside in and the inside out to heal, restore and protect our skin, hair, nails and heart." Discover other natural materials that promote beauty.

[h=2]Olive Oil[/h]Using olive oil on skin, hair and nails moisturizes and defends against the harmful effects of the environment. With antioxidant properties, olive oil guards against free radicals in the body from air pollution, bad food and other toxins. It especially keeps hair silky and smooth and helps to treat dandruff, according to Carefair. Consuming olive oil fights signs of aging, such as thinning skin and wrinkles, and encourages healing while protecting skin, explains the site.

Olive oil is a source of the antioxidant vitamin E, which helps in the formation of muscles as well as other tissues, according to the Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia. It also helps another antioxidant, vitamin A, to protect against damage. Vitamin E also promotes the immune system to fight against disease and infection, says the encyclopedia.
To promote natural health and beauty, eat plenty of olive oil in your diet. Also eat other foods containing the antioxidant vitamin E, such as whole-grains, leafy green vegetables, milk, eggs, nuts and soybeans, according to the Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia.

[h=2]Oats[/h]Oats are not only good for your cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems, but they are also a well-known beauty aid. For instance, dried oat seeds are often used as a decoction for the symptoms of eczema, according to herbalist Andrew Chevallier. Use them in a bath to soothe and heal skin, or use oats with herbal soap to help clean and eliminate acne.
[h=2]Aloe Vera[/h]Chevallier recommends stocking an emergency kit with a few natural essentials such as aloe vera. Used for thousands of years in various herbal remedies, aloe vera not only helps to treat burns and cuts, but its strong healing and anti-inflammatory properties also promote repair of damaged tissue.
[h=2]Witch Hazel[/h]Also used for many years as a natural remedy, witch hazel water is a beneficial cleanser and tonic for skin. According to Chevallier, it's often used in cosmetics such as anti-wrinkle creams. As an anti-inflammatory, witch hazel helps swollen and tired-looking eyes, and it aids in healing herpes sores. It's also effective for treating varicose and thread veins.


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