Bed Time Routine


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Jul 5, 2011
Do you struggle to get your child to bed at night? There are three or four factors which can make the difference between the child who goes to bed willingly and the one who stalls and argues.

Everychild needs a bedtime routine. Keep bettime agreeable and happy. Remember that it is delicious and inviting to tired children if you don’t turn it into an unpleasant duty.

Establish a bed time routine and note down the following.

  • How much sleep does he need?
  • What time does he need to get up in the morning?
  • What are his favorite calm activities?
From this list, come up with an action plan. Here are some my tips.

  • Read, of course, even when kids are old enough to read themselves. A nightly chapter of a long and interesting book is a favorite routine for some children. Or sometimes listen together some good music.
  • Insure sweet dreams by decorating a jar or box and filling it with slips of paper on which you and the kids have written every good dream you can think of. The kids can draw a slip from the “dream jar” every night.
  • Talk over the day’s events; here’s a great chance to compliment your child on a special accomplishment or a quality admire.
  • Let other kids take on some of the routines for younger ones; they can lead the bedtime parade and read the bedtime story too, and remember, even pre-teens like a good bedtime struggle in your bed or theirs.
And at last if you used a bedtime routine or ritual to help your baby get to sleep, a cuddle in a rocking chair, a lullaby, perhaps a gentle back rub. Well don’t give up this lovely practice just because you think your child has outgrown it. Just a few minutes together every night can give you and your child the best quality time of all.

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