behaviour of my mil and sil - irritating in-laws

Feb 9, 2015
hello friends

i am married for a year. i am working and living in a joint family with my in-laws. i have one sil and she is doing her engineering final year. basically i am fashion lover and i used to have latest collections of ornaments and jewelleries. but the problem is my sil. she used to take things from me without my permission. whenever i am buying for me, i used to buy for her too. but she loves mine only. she don't satisfied with what she have. my mil also supports her only. they don't even have a thought to inform me and not feeling guilty for their actions. after i gone to office, my mil taken things whatever my sil wants. when i am returning back from office my tension will goes high when seeing this. usually i don't like that my belongings being used by others. but here, i am getting irritating of my sil and mil's behaviour. how to tell them that don't take anything from my shelf.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Yamuna.

Please do not worry for this or get irritated.

This may happen in many houses. and it is quite common.

The main reason behind this is just affection and nothing else.

This may actually not be a jealousy attitude by your SIL.

She is behaving childishly.

Both your MIL and SIL are behaving like this only because they
think you as their another daughter and elder sister respectively.

They don't think you as a new member in their family.

So, this shows their affection towards you.

Even if you wear your SIL's belongings or MIL's belongings, they may not object.

Many ladies do feel this type of attitude of their in-laws, as crossing their limits .

Initially you will definitely feel like this.

But by practice, and making up your mind for these attitudes, you will surely get used to and will not feel to get irritated later.

If you still feel that atleast few jewelries should be yours only, then you can keep them very safe, where your in-laws cannot see them. and you can wear them for your office functions and the functions for which your in-laws do not attend. (I am telling this just for your satisfaction)

Once, your SIL gets married, she will become more matured and may not continue these habits.

Whenever she continues these habits, just think her as your own sister and not as SIL. Then you could feel happy that you are sharing your cosmetics and other items only to your sister.

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