Benefits of Drinking Hot Water


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May 24, 2010


Drinking hot water will increase the body temperature slightly, which in turn causes you to sweat in order to cool down the body. Sweating is a natural way to remove toxins from the body and it can improve your health. This sweating can be beneficial for the major organs in the body and it may help purify the blood stream.

Soothing for the Throat

If your throat is sore or you are a little congested, drinking hot water can be beneficial because it will soothe your throat and help to break up the congestion. Many singers use this trick before performing because it clears their throat before they sing.

Better Circulation

In order to deliver oxygen and nutrients on a cellular level, good circulation is needed. Drinking hot water improves circulation throughout the body.

Constipation Treatment

Slow bowels can be very uncomfortable and drinking hot water can actually get the intestines moving again. If you are constipated, drink a tall glass of hot water several times a day, and your body will be able to return to normal functioning again.

If you don’t like the taste of plain hot water, consider adding a little bit of tea or lemon. Many Asian cultures drink tea with their meals instead of cold water, which is beneficial for their health because of the temperature of the water and the antioxidants contained within the tea.

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