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Oct 12, 2017
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Kayakalpa recycles the sexual vital fluid, in to biomagnetism to provide abundant somatic energy to the body.

Benefits of Kaya Kalpa yoga

The nervous system on the whole will be strengthened. The sexual vital fluid for both men and women will become thicker and the quantity of stock also will be increased.

General health will improve. Ailments such as asthma, diabetes, sinusitis, piles and skin diseases can be controlled and in process of time these illnesses may be completely cured. While complete cure cannot be guaranteed, Kaya Kalpa can help to withstand and tolerate any pain or disease, according to the regularity of practice of the exercise.

The purification of the sexual vital fluid will enable the practitioner to get better progeny in health, mind and behaviour.

Young people will benefit much in their education and understanding. Wet-dreams and self-abuse habits will be considerably lessened and recoupment from the loss will be quicker.Boosts your immune system.

There are many more benefits, which can be achieved according to the regularity, sincerity and dedication of your practice.
Do not teach these practises to anyone until you are an authorised Master of Kaya Kalpa

May the Almighty protect all of you, day and night, in all your activities in all places, to enjoy good health, long life, enough wealth, wisdom and peace.

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace.

General Instructions :

*Kaya Kalpa should be learned and practised only after the age of maturity (fourteen years).
*In the beginning if you avoid sex for a week that will be more beneficial
*Do not do the exercise when the stomach is full. The proper time for the practice is before food or four
hours after a main meal.
* Men and women who have undergone surgical operations such as vasectomy, hysterectomy, laparoscopy, etc., should wait for 3 months before starting Kaya Kalpa. These exercises and family planning operations will not contradict one another in any way.
*During the first week only one 'Ojus Breath' is to be done in each posture. After a week you may do two *Breaths in each posture, which is the maximum.

Special Instruction for Women

* Women should not do these exercises during the menstrual period for 3-5 days
*Women should not do the 'Ojus Breath' as forcefully as men do. There should be no excessive sucking
force in inhalation or pressing force in exhalation. After the second month of pregnancy, the Ojus breath
should be discontinued. 'Aswini Mudra' may be done until the date of delivery of the child. Actually by
doing 'Aswini Mudra' regularly, in all postures of Kaya Kalpa, the delivery of the child will be rendered
easy. Kaya Kalpa practice can be resumed one month after delivery.
*During sexual activity women should do 'Aswini Mudra' up to 20 tiimes with an interval such as one in four

Special instruction for Men

* If one has a low sperm-count and wants a child, he should not practise 'Ojus Breath'. The sperm-count will be increased considerably by doing only 'Aswini Mudra' at least 10-20 times in every porture.
*During sexual activity men should do 'Aswini Mudra' continuously. When the feeling of ejaculation comes,
one or two 'Ojus Breath' should be done. Those who intend to be get a child should not do the 'Ojus
Breath during sex.
*Those who have heart-trouble and high blood pressure should practise Kundalini Meditation which is
taught in all our SKY centres. Also they have to do the Ojus Breath very gently, without sucking force and pressure force.

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