Benefits Of Neem Water


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Oct 7, 2014
Benefits Of Neem Water

We are quite aware of the fact that neem is associated with several benefits, especially those pertaining to beauty. We have all been taught, since childhood, about the qualities that make neem extremely beneficial to health.Neem has always been an age-old method to cure and treat various illnesses, especially illnesses that affect the skin.The neem tree is native to the South Asian countries of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is grown extensively in these countries and has been widely used as a form of herbal medicine since ancient times. However, owing to the use of modern methods whether effective or not, the benefits of neem have been ignored.Here are some benefits of neem water.

Benefits of neem water are:

1.Anti-Inflammatory Properties:
Neem water is associated with admirable anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to avoid inflammation caused by temperature fluctuations that make the skin susceptible to inflammation.

2.Reduces Black Spots: Neem is known as a natural remedy to reduce black spots that occur on layers of the skin, especially facial skin. In fact, it is easily the best natural remedy to reduce black heads.

3.Cleans Digestive System: The benefits of consuming neem water isn’t just confined to the skin alone. Neem water helps to effectively clean the body’s digestive system. It helps to clean the intestines and kidneys as well.

4.Anti-Oxidant Properties: Neem water when consumed orally offers brilliant anti-oxidant properties. Similar to the earlier mentioned point, it helps to improve digestion by eliminating toxins from the body.

5.Anti-Ageing Properties: Neem has a rich composition of nutrients that act as a natural source of keeping pollutants and toxins at bay. It helps to keep the skin clean and free from accumulation of germs and toxins that age skin faster.

6.Anti-Acne Property: Owing to its brilliant herbal formula, neem is supremely effective in treating acne. Neem has stunning anti-bacterial properties that help to naturally treat acne. Its potency is enhanced when applied with milk or honey.

7.Makes Tissues Of Facial Skin Firmer: Neem makes the tissues much firmer and helps ion toning the skin. It works wonders in treating cracks and freckles that are common problems associated with the skin. Neem water is one of the best ways to get a seamless skin tone.

8.Works As A Natural Moisturizer: Neem works as a natural moisturizer owing to its composition. The highly effective nutrient-rich composition of neem helps in fighting dryness and cracks originating from dry skin.

These are the benefits of neem water.


Ruler's of Penmai
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Jul 26, 2012
Thank you for sharing very useful information about the benefits of neem water!

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