Benefits of Reflexology


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Jul 5, 2011
According to research, the benefits of reflexology include:

Reduction of pain
Blood circulation
Promotes post-op care
Lowers cholesterol levels
Improves mental health
Reduces the side effects of cancer care
Improves fertility
Eases the discomforts of pregnancy

The Benefits of Reflexology Complements Standard Health Care

In general terms, the main benefits of reflexology is really the reduction of stress which can be brought about by many factors including general health, psychological stress, work induced stress and some underlying health issues. The benefits of reflexology in standard medical care has long been recognized to include the fast recovery from illnesses but has never been considered as a replacement.

How Does Reflexology Work?

Generally, the benefits of reflexology really works by the use of pressure applied on specific points of the feet and hands. The chart should help guide the beginner to the parts of the body that are directly linked to those points. The benefits of reflexology could be felt on the specific points that correspond to the ailing or suffering body part.

The pressure sensors on both feet and hands trigger the reflexive response of “fight or flight” which is a body’s reflexive response to danger. The pressure causes a surge in the adrenaline levels. As the pressures are consistently applied, benefits of reflexology condition the internal organs to which the pressure points are tied with.

What to Expect From the Benefits of Reflexology Sessions

Normally, the reflexology session lasts from half an hour to an hour where the client sits in a relaxed position on a reclined chair with the feet at the level which is convenient for the reflexologist to employ the techniques. At the end of each session, the benefits of reflexology include a feeling of relaxation and well being. If the feeling is other than relaxation, there is something wrong. Make sure to inform the reflexologist on what is going on for this is useful for them to know.

What Benefits of Reflexology Can Say About Health

The benefits of reflexology include an assessment of the stress cues. These have to be evaluated to show how the body is adapting to that stress. On clue would be the calluses developed on the feet, toes which appear knobby and bunions.

The benefits of reflexology also include the recognition of stress as seen on how sensitive the client is to the pressures. If the client should feel pain at the slightest pressure, then there is a high level of stress. The benefits of reflexology sessions will include the body slowly recovering from the stresses that can be seen in the decrease of the pain levels.

The benefits of reflexology are numerous, and it is important to talk to the reflexologist thoroughly about the medical history so they can determine what needs to be done and how to approach it. This way, the full benefits of reflexology can be experienced.

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