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Jun 28, 2011
Although there are innumerable mouthwashes available in the market, one needs to have a clearer idea as to which one is the best for oral health. If you take our advice, none of the mouthwash brands can be called the best mouthwash as they all have certain ingredients that not only kill germs but also harm the gums and teeth. Let's take a look on how to make the natural mouthwashes.

To prevent bad breath and germs, many people bank on the highly advertised mouthwashes but how far are they safe?. May be they kill the harmful Streptococcus and Lactobacillus bacteria but they even damage our healthy gums and teeth.

The sugars, alcohol and poloxamer 407 in mouthwashes may increase the risk of mouth and throat cancer. Poloxamer 407 make the ingredients of the mouthwash stick to the teeth. The sugars can cause decay and the flavors, solvents may add to dermatitis.
Why risk health unnecessarily?, try these natural and homemade mouthwashes.

Natural Mouthwash Recipes -
1. Best Mouthwash Recipe 1: Water, rock salt, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and mint juice (mint leaves juice concentrate).
Procedure: Add all ingredients to a glass and rinse the best mouthwash thrice.

2. Recipe 2: Water, ground oregano leaves, rock salt

3. Recipe 3: Neem oil, warm water
Procedure: Rub a drop of neem oil all over the mouth and then rinse well with warm water. This prevent decay. You can also replace neem oil with clove or olive oil.

4. Recipe 4: Green tea, licorice, echinacea and tea tree can also be the best mouthwashes.

5. Recipe 5: Sesame seed oil is also used as a natural mouthwash with warm water.


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