Best timings to Eat different Foods

Mar 14, 2016
hi people,

Do you have the habit of nibbling your food and end up tampering your system? here is the best time to eat your essentials that might be helpful

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle's post in FB


Best Time to Drink: Night
Warm milk soothes the body and helps in getting a good night's sleep.

Worst Time to Drink: Morning
Unless you do lots of physical activity, milk can be heavy to digest and mess your meal timings.


Best Time to eat: Lunch
Metabolism is higher during the day, giving you more chance to burn the carb.

Worst Time to eat: Night
It will increase your body fat.


Best Time to eat: Day
Assists in digestion and soothes the digestive system.

Worst Time to eat: Night
Especially if you have cold/cough it leads to mucus formation


Best Time to eat: Morning
Apple peel has pectin that helps in bowel movements and eliminates carcinogens(cancer causing agents)

Worst Time to eat: Evening/Night
Will increase the acid levels in your stomach and will burden your digestive system.


Best Time to eat: Noon
Highly fibrous, helps in digestion. natural antacid and soothes heartburn.

Worst time to eat: Night
Mucus formation, upsets stomach as it is rich in magnesium

Pulses & Beans:
Best Time to eat: Night
High in fiber, helps in digestion and reduce cholesterol level.
Worst Time to eat: Morning
Will increase your appetite which can lead you to eat more.

Best Time to eat: Early Morning
If eaten in moderate amount, it can prevent weight gain and bloating
Worst Time: NightHeavy to digest, and fat gain

Best Time: Morning
hard food to digest, high in protein, increases physical strength and improves concentration
Worst Time: Night
weigh heavy in digestive system and can lead to uncomfortable night

So, people know your food and their benefits before eating and eat the right food at the right time.

Eat healthy ! Stay strong!

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