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Jul 5, 2011
Convenient Fake Nails

Many women take advantage of the convenience of fake nails. Whether they feel more comfortable in the hands of a skilled nail technician or prefer to do it themselves at home, women have greater fake nail options today than ever before.

This is primarily because artificial nails are so useful. Women whose nails are weak and easily breakable may feel more comfortable with a strong fake nail over their natural one. Other women may use fake nails to achieve a quick, effortless and elegant manicure without a lot of fuss.

Still other women simply don’t want to bother with conducting regular manicures at home; for them, a regular visit to the nail salon is much more suitable given their busy lifestyles and schedules.

The Best Type of Fake Nails

Longtime artificial nail users may eventually determine that they prefer one type over another. There are advantages and disadvantages to most of them, which is usually what people rely on when choosing which type to use. These are the types of artificial nails commonly used at home and in salons:

Acrylic Nails

The acrylic nail is easily one of the most popular of all artificial nails. It is strong, long-lasting and natural-looking when applied correctly. As the natural nail underneath grows, acrylic nails need to be filled in every week or so in order to maintain their natural appearance.

Gel Nails

Another popular option is the gel nail. Made with a polymer and monomer blend, the gel mixture is applied to the nails and cured under an ultraviolet light. The look is natural, and unlike acrylics, they tend to stay in place instead of lifting and collecting bacteria underneath.

Silk Wrap Nails

Silk wraps are ideal for women who suffer from weak, brittle, stubborn or dry nails. During the process, a synthetic silk or fiberglass fabric is applied to the nail. They are shaped to size, coated with a sealant and smoothed with a buffer for a flawless, smooth and natural-looking finish.

Press-On Nails

One of the more old school types of fake nails is the famous press-on nail. Just as its name suggests, the press-on nail simply presses on top of the natural nail. Some varieties are “pre-glued,” so all the wearer needs to do is press firmly to apply them (note that these do not stay affixed for long, though). Other styles require a separate bottle of glue, which often does help them stay put longer. Many shapes and colors are available, namely from the Kiss brand of nail products.

Choosing the Right Nail

Simply knowing about the different varieties may be enough to determine the best type of fake nails for you and your lifestyle. The convenience of having an expert work her magic and create a gorgeous manicure may be more appealing than purchasing packages of fake nails. On the other hand, the upkeep required for acrylic and gel nails may be too time-consuming and costly for your liking. A skilled technician may also suggest one type of nail over another depending on the condition of your nails.

With so many points to take into consideration, it’s worth spending some time on it before making the decision. Ask around and be sure to check reviews of salons in your area if you do end up going the expert route. In the hands of a skilled expert, your own hands will look phenomenal.

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