Best Way To Remove Blackheads


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Jul 5, 2011
Reason behind Black heads:

Teens are mostly affected by Black heads. Women and girls specially feel upset on appearance of blackheads on face. The main reason behind their occurrence is because of improper skin care, hormonal imbalance or lack of proper nutrition.

Do not Squeeze the Blackheads:

Squeezing or picking of blackheads may lead to scars. The area should be kept squeaky clean with natural cleansers. To remove blackheads at home, you can also use soaps or antibacterial cleaners formulated for greasy skins. Here are some homemade treatment tips on how to remove blackheads.

How to remove blackheads Safely at Home:

Blackheads can be Safely removed in five easy steps:

  • Step 1: Mix quarter cup of water with three drops of iodine and one teaspoon of salt. This mixture should be comfortably cooled before using it on face.
  • Step 2: Dip a cotton ball in it and apply on blackheads. This will make them loosen a bit so that they can be easily removed using a gauze pad.
  • Step 3: Oily skin people can apply a toner on T-zone and rinse later. Also use a clay mask to soak excess oil.
  • Step 4: In case of an emergency like a wedding or interview, you can reduce swelling and redness by getting a cortisone injection from doctor. It immediately calms a pimples on your face.
  • Step 5: Alternatively, you can apply some cortisone cream, or Vasocon, or Preparation H that you will get in any drug store.

Though it is a temporary blackhead treatment but it is ideal for people who can not stand needles.
Dec 31, 2011
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The main cause of a blackhead is oil production on your face. So when you can, make sure to wash with a good soap that cuts down on the oil. It’s always good to wash carefully so that you can remove dead skin cells.

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