Best way to Shampoo your Hair


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Jul 5, 2011
Hairs are of different kind and type… each has its own beauty, to protect the hair we use various products depending upon our hair type… though the shampoos and conditioners may differ the way to apply remains the same for all. And shampooing the right way plays the major role, and it takes the first place of importance than any other way of care. So know the best way to Shampoo your hair.

Before washing, brush your hair with your head upside down to remove dust and impurities

The temperature should be comfortable. The idea that prevails among most of the people is the hotter the water, the cleaner the hair is a misconception, because water that is too hot can bury your scalp and damage your hair. And this would end up in spoiling the hair growth so avoid a powerful shower which can cause your hair to tangle.

It is important to pre-rinse your hair before you apply shampoo. Your hair needs a good soaking of atleast one minute to create a good lather when you shampoo.

Once your hair is thoroughly wet, pour the shampoo from the bottle into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together

Do not apply shampoo directly to your hair because it might saturate on one spot and you may end up using two or three times more than you actually need.

Gently smooth the shampoo over your hair with your palms and let it lather. Now massage in the shampoo gently, with your fingertips. Don’t use your fingernails they could scratch your scalp.

When you shampoo, don’t pile all your hair on the top and rub it about. This will lead to tangling. Instead, run your fingers gently through it, front to back, allowing your hair to fall back over your neck.

Rinse your hair thoroughly until the last trace of shampoo is gone and your hair is squeaky clean,
If you wash your hair every day, you will need a small amount of shampoo and just one wash. But if you don’t wash your hair daily…rise it with shampoo twice.

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