Best ways to treat bug bites


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Jul 5, 2011
Best ways to treat bug bites

Romantic as the approaching monsoon might be, it is also during this stormy season that we suffer from bug bites, which bring with them disease and distress.

When it comes to treating bug bites there are endless options. But have you ever wondered which treatment works best for you? Today we are digging into the most popular and trusted tips to treat bug bites. Read on...

Treating bug bites using household items. Try and rub ivory soap over the itched area. If ivory soap is not available, try and use dry soap as much as possible. Do remember to treat the infected area with a dab of running alcohol and then with a piece of tape. Try and apply ice packs or ice cubes over the area for instant relief.

Treating bug bites using dabbers. Try and apply a quicker on the infected area for faster relief. A few of the topical suggestions, which you can apply directly to the affected area, are nail polish, toothpaste, mouthwash, honey or a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Apart from this, you can also try rubbing a hot tea bag on the affected area.

Treating bug bites using homemade pastes. As soon as you get a bite, mix a mixture of the below mentioned fresh pastes. Make sure that the consistency and thickness of the paste is smooth, so that it stays on the affected area and does not run down. The pastes you can make at home are:

- Salt and water
- Aspirin and water
- Meat tenderizer and water
- Baking soda and water
- Aspirin and alcohol mixture

Treating bug bites using commercial products, creams and lotions. Some of the lotions that you must try and use as soon you get a bug bite are caladryl, calamine lotion, benadryl cream, orajel, tiger balm, bag balm and the gold bond medicated powder.

Treating bug bites using essential oils and herbal leaves. As far as the application of essential oils is concerned, try and apply cedar oil, lavender oil, astringent or tea tree oil. Make sure these are advised oil applications for pre-teens and small children, if the mosquitoe bite is bearable in size. One can also crush the fresh leaves of basil and apply on the affected area for instant relief.

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