Big deal, your man is a Mama’s boy


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Big deal, your man is a Mama’s boy

Women often worry about the 'mama's boy' tag of their lover. But there are positives to being one too.

He is devoted to his mother and even listens to every word she says. Even when he moves out of the family, he continues to share a close, loving relationship with his mother. Yes, he is a mama's boy, and is proud to be one. And why shouldn't he be. After all, he possesses some qualities that probably every woman is looking out for and these certainly put behind his attachment to his mother.

So, what are all the mama's boy qualities that put him ahead of all the other men in queue?

Treats women well
There is no doubt about it; the first thing you would notice about the so-called 'mama's boy' is how well he treats women around him. He will respect them, and will be kind and courteous to them too; exactly what you would want your man to do, especially when you are looking to settle down and marry.

Understands women
Reams of pages have been written about men failing to understand what women want. It has even been explored by Mel Gibson in What Women Want. And this 'tedious task' is a simple one for these kinds of men. More often they exactly know what you would want and also when. Moreover, they are well aware of your mood swings and know exactly how to treat you at such times.

Respects your space
Not all women like their guy hovering around them all the time. They like being with men who give them their space and gives himself some space too. This helps a healthy relationship to grow. And this what you find in the 'mama's boy' kind of guys. Having seen their mother's requirements as a woman, they know the importance of 'space' in every woman's life.

Good listener
It's a common complaint of all women —men don't listen. They tend to switch off when they see their woman going on blabbering. However, the 'mama's boys' are generally the opposite. Since they are used to listening to their mothers, they end up being good listeners. So, all you talkative women, they are the ones you should look out for! Pouring your heart out to them would be easy.

Homely man
Most men look on to household work as 'women's chore'. But, there are few who are brought up to be responsible for home duties. In fact, they help their mom in household chores of and on. They appreciate hygienic homes and make efforts to create them too. Working with his mother, her little boy has imbibed this quality; one which many women would fall for.

Respects his folks
A girl's parents would be more than willing to let her marry a guy of her choice if he is established and educated. And he would score 100 out of 100 if your parents get to know that he shows utmost respect and is caring and compassionate, to both his parents. It will in turn set the standard for you to bring him to meet your parents and other family members. It will also assure your parents that he will keep you well. And the mama's boy would definitely score on this one.

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