Big fat gifts this wedding season


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Jul 5, 2011
Big fat gifts this wedding season

Sagan and other gifts at weddings are no longer about cash or gold - it's iPads and Rolex watches now!

Giving sagan on weddings used to be about showering bundles of money, gold biscuits, fruit baskets, mithai or even jewellery. But modern-day weddings are turning fancier and loosening the ties of tradition. It isn't as simple as "jootay do, paise lo" anymore. Here's a lowdown on the new-age stylish sagans and milnis. iPads for ladkawallahs Sameer Sahni, a 21-year-old student, was left a happy and content young man after his brother's wedding. "On bhaiyya's wedding day, three cousins of mine and I were given an iPad each for the milni. It was a bit overdone, I would say, but of course, who would mind being gifted something like that?" he asks.

Ek nahi, 50 watches All the baaraatis at 29-year-old businessman Rishi Sekhri's wedding were all praise for the 'khaatirdari' meted out to them by the girl's family, and why wouldn't they be? Each one of them was gifted a Rolex watch. Says Rishi, "Giving the groom an expensive watch was heard of, but a total of 50 baaraatis at my wedding were given a Rolex each. It was a pleasant surprise."

Shaadi mubaarak with an MF Husain Sana Sayed, 29, happened to mention to her mother before her wedding that her would-be husband was quite the art lover. Little did she know that her parents would take it a bit too seriously. "On the day of the reception, my parents gifted my husband an MF Husain. And that was not it. Since they had initially planned to give him a Rolls Royce, he received that as well," says Sana.

Imported shaadi ka joda Gauri Singh, a 25-year-old housewife, wanted to look different from the usual Indian bride on her special day, and told her in-laws that she wasn't too keen on wearing the regular red lehenga for her wedding. So, the doting parents-in-law went the extra mile and ordered her a long red gown by Valentino. The bridal glow sure did appear on her face when she told us, "It was just perfect."

Designer baaraatis It was oozing brands on the sagan ceremony hosted by the Vasu and Khandelwal families. For the sake of uniformity, or to make the bride and groom's families stand apart from the other guests, "We (the boy's family) gave all the girls red Fendi bags to carry for the function, and all the boys were given all-black Dolce & Gabbana suits to wear," says 19-year-old student Akhil Khandelwal.

Gold, not red, roses For true love There are fake flowers made of plastic, and then there are fake flowers that are artificial, yet cost a bomb. On the day of their wedding, businessman Aditya and his wife Sahiba had completed exactly 25 months of knowing each other. Thus, for the occasion, apart from other gifts, Aditya gave his bride 25 long-stemmed roses made of gold

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