Biggest problems in bed, solved


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Jul 5, 2011
Biggest problems in bed, solved

Problems in the bedroom can lead to breakups, cheating and cause animosity between partners. There are various issues that plague our sex lives, but we pick the most commonly asked ones, and provide the best solutions.

Post pregnancy

It's almost a cliche but when children arrive, romance flies out of the window, and for good reason. All that time you spent doting on each other and indulging in fantasy sex is now taken up by baby care, which is exhausting. Also, you've changed the definition of yourselves: you used to be lovers, now you're parents. Just remember some of the things you thought and did. Start thinking that way again and doing those things. Plan a date - perhaps bring your partner a gift or some flowers. Set the scene and spruce yourself up. For fathers, try to go back to thinking about sex every 20 minutes. Get a friend or relative to free you both up so you can enjoy some me-time on a regular basis.

After a heart attack

Sex is good for your heart and for you. Heart disease doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to stop sex altogether, unless it's very severe. In fact, in many cases of heart disease sexual activity can be beneficial, since sex can be the equivalent of moderate exercise with an increased heart rate, slightly increased blood pressure and improved oxygen consumption.

A study has shown that fewer than one percent of all coronary deaths occurred during or after intercourse. Doctors believe that the therapeutic benefits of sex outweigh the risks.

Lack of time

There's no two ways about it - if your sex life means anything to you both something's got to give. The first step is to have a chat to get your partner's agreement that you need to make some changes, without blaming anyone. Then you could put some small, simple painless routines in place. Make it a kind of contract: your partner comes home early one night so you can all have an evening as a family, even if it's only supper.

And make it a takeaway so you're not stressed. By starting the evening together, sex could be on the menu.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction could be a sign of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and clogging up of your arteries, all of which need investigation and treatment. The frequency of erections isn't the only thing that changes with age. As a man gets older, his erection is no longer upright.

The penis gradually stops becoming as hard as it did when he was young, and nearly all men have difficulty maintaining an erection once they're in their 50s.

Some may notice an earlier decline, say from 45. As long as you can get an erection, ask your doctor about medicines that can to help you.

Dwindling sex rate

You can try to be the couple you were but I think it's almost impossible to recapture those early feelings. When you were in the throes of that early passion, you were going through mating behaviour. Nature makes sure for survival of the race that your connection is fiery. This ardour cools because relationships pass into a mature phase of consolidation.

A mature relationship has its own pleasure - contentment, trust, and sex, instead of being the main dish, becomes dessert. Now you're free to make dessert what you like, even exotic. Give it some thought. Think of variations. Think of new scenarios. Make sex something you look forward to.

-Daily Mirror

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